November 25th, 2005

I ate so much on Thanksgiving Day that I went out and joined a gym today. It’s not exactly like the big chain gyms. It’s called Shape Express and is a lot like Curves. I joined it for many reasons, the biggest being that I’m fat. *ggg* The secondary consideration was the fact that you can get a full workout there in thirty minutes. I like the idea of only having to exercise thirty minutes. Even if I choose to stay longer, I only HAVE to stay thirty minutes. Yes, I know it’s a psychological thing, but it works for me.

Actually, the people in the place seemed pretty nice. There weren’t the perfect bodied women running around talking about their fat thighs or big butts. I would’ve had to put them out of their misery had there been. (wg) Fingers crossed it’s the motivation I’ve been looking for.

I’m down to 49 pages on my book. Still hoping to finish by Sunday night. I need to have two tremendously big writing days. It’ll happen, if I want it bad enough. (Insert football grunts and yells here.:)

18 comments to “JOINED A GYM”

  1. Go team GO!

  2. A gym? Oh no, I wear garlic around my neck and carry a silver cross to keep those varmints away from me *g*
    Good luck on getting the writing done this weekend!!!

  3. Good for you, Jordan! As one who abhors the very idea of exercise, I must admit that I do *almost* enjoy the 30-minute workouts at Curves. I especially like the fact that I don’t feel out of place there. No men when you’re exercising is a good thing. And it’s nice to see women of all ages and sizes. I hate like hell to go, but I always feel so good when it’s over. Exercise is especially important for us writers who sit on our butts all day at the computer.

  4. Thanks Raine! 🙂

  5. LOL Eve! I was like that with gyms and a few other places. (wg)

  6. Daisy, That’s what I liked about the place too when I checked it out. You actually feel comfortable, which is important. You’re absolutely right about the dreaded ‘writer’s butt’. :-O

  7. Go Jordan Go! You can do it!

    Writer’s butt is only a rumor, isn’t it? *refuses to look*

  8. Charlene, I looked and couldn’t figure out whose butt that was in the mirror. I knew it couldn’t possibly be mine. *ggg*

  9. You’re supposed to be able to see your entire butt in a mirror?

  10. Good luck with the gym and the story!!

  11. Eve, Apparently, that’s some kind of unspoken rule. *g*

  12. Amy, Thanks! I have 26 more pages to go. And yes, I still think I’m going to be a few pages short. Grr…

  13. Well then, I’ve definitely broken that one *g*

  14. Goooooooooooo JORDAN!!!!!!!! *ggg*

    I went–I have a curves membership–and then I got sick. =( Need to go again. No excuse not to since my normal wake up time is 6 am anyway–it’s the getting up that kills me.

  15. Snort! You and me both, Eve. (wg)

  16. Cece, You should go back. My mom loves Curves…well as much as one can love working out. *ggg* Thanks for the cheer. Just so you know, I did it. I finished the book. I’m bit bummed that I ran exactly 6 pages short, but I plan to make up for it and more in the edits. Wahoo!!!

  17. Yeah, my butt’s big enough for the both of us. Can you tell I’m procrastinating?

  18. Yes, I can. Get back to work. *ggg*