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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
Progress Part Two

I’ve managed to write over 7500 words in the last two days. Writing on the Neo definitely makes a difference. I have 71 pages to go and then I’ll be finished with the first draft. Woo Hoo!!! (I’m trying to average 15 to 20 pages a day.) I am a tad concerned I’m going to run short page count wise, but I know I’ll make up for it in the edits. This book needs so much fleshing out and cleaning up that it’ll take at least twenty pages of editions to make it shine. I’m doing NaNo without even signing up. *ggg*

How is everyone else doing, now that we’re coming up on the end of the month? Are you making good progress? Bad progress? Have you changed direction? Let me know.

Sunday, November 20th, 2005
Harry Potter Sunday

It has been a BUSY weekend at the Summers’ residence. We bought a car on Friday. (something that was desperately needed) We ran errands all day Saturday. (Did I mention that I wrote both days?) Today, we bought a credenza that we’ve been looking at for over a year. (We don’t move very fast on things.) Oh, and we went to see Harry Potter.

Now if you’re like me, you haven’t gotten around to reading the books yet. (ducking) Despite that minor descrepency, I do love the movies. This latest installment of Harry Potter reminds me of the Two Towers in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. (Yes, I know Harry Potter isn’t part of a trilogy.) Bear with me. The latest HP movie is a much darker film than the previous releases and ‘feels’ transitional like the TT. Things are bit bleak. Harry is growing angry and rightly so given all that’s happened to him to date. This movie has death, love, adventure, and most importantly, the loss of youth. No, I don’t mean the kids suddenly turn 25, but in the end you do get the distinct impression that they are no longer children. Somewhere along the line they’ve become young adults. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth. One that lingers long after the lights in the theater brighten. I find myself yearning for something unattainable and missing the loss of innocence. If only there was true magic in the world, what a delightfully interesting planet this would be.

If you’re a fan of HP, this movie is not to be missed. If you’re not, what’s wrong with you? *ggg* As Damon Wayans used to say, “I give it two snaps and a twirl.”

Friday, November 18th, 2005
Busy Day

I’ve had one busy, but eventful day. So much so, that I’m just now getting around to writing. It’ll be a miracle if I can pull off 500 words. The weekend’s not looking all that forgiving time wise. Grr…

I met a friend for breakfast today. It was nice to catch up over coffee and eggs. Afterwards, I returned home in time to receive a call from dh to tell me he was leaving work so we could go car shopping. (We’ve been sharing a car since 2002.) We bought used with low miles, so now I’m officially back to being a car owner. Yah!!!

On top of that, my AlphaSmart Neo arrived. It looks great and feels good to type on. I can’t wait to ‘test drive’ it. 😀 For those of you who followed my AlphaSmart debate, I went with the Neo because it has fewer distractions than the Dana and the screen is easier to read. Right now, I NEED fewer distractions.

Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment and with any luck we’ll be able to squeeze in Harry Potter. You didn’t really think I was going to miss opening weekend, did you? (wg)

Thursday, November 17th, 2005
And She Rounds First Base Heading For Second…

I’m at the halfway point in the WIP. I should surpass it today. I need to finish writing this love scene, then go back and expand a section in this chapter before moving on. For a while I was worried that the story was going to come up WAY short, but I broke it down last night and figured out it’ll be fine. Whew!!!

I mentioned getting my thoughts together yesterday. I recently spoke to a friend whom I lost touch with after I left the airline. She’s going through some major life changes at the moment, but seems to be handling them well. Our discussion ranged from kids (neither of us have any) to politics (never a good idea). We hung up agreeing to meet for lunch sometime.

For some reason, I can’t seem to shake our conversation. Actually, I take that back. I know why I can’t shake our conversation. During our talk she revealed that she was dating someone of another race. (Personally, I don’t give two sh*ts. She could date a kangaroo for all I care.) As long as the person she’s seeing treats her well, then that’s all that matters.

Here’s the hard part. It actually DOES bother her. What I mean by that is she wants everyone (by everyone, I mean strangers) to accept her and this man without giving them ‘funny’ looks. Now as someone who is multi-racial and married to a Scot, I’m used to ‘funny’ looks. Mainly from people trying to figure out WHAT my nationality is. People are so curious that I’ve actually participated in the following conversation sitting in a Denny’s in Lubbock, Texas: “What are you?” he asked.

I’m all the way across the dining area with my airline crew, so I couldn’t understand what he said at first. I didn’t even realize he was speaking to me. So he repeats it a little louder.

“What are you?”

At this point, my crew and I turn to look at him. We aren’t wearing out decoder rings so we can’t discern what he’s saying, due to his thick accent.

When in doubt shout, as I always say. (rolling eyes) “What are you?”

At this point in our ‘conversation’, I figure out the question. I glanced down at my chest, then back at him. Repeated the action, then stood up and shouted, “I’m a girl.” (wg) The entire place busted into laughter. I ended up with a signed record from one of Buddy Holly’s bandmates. Don’t ask.

Getting back to the conversation with my friend. The thing I found disturbing/enlightening is that it never occurred to her that I might be experiencing the same things. Enlightening because I realized she doesn’t ‘see’ me as multi-racial (which I love) and disturbing because it makes me wonder if she’s ‘ever’ really seen me for who I am. And before anyone asks, I consider myself part of the ‘human’ race. 🙂

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
Strangely Contemplative

That pretty much describes me over the last couple of days. Perhaps it’s the time of year or the conversations I’ve had with friends lately, but I’ve been thinking about life in general. As soon as I have my thoughts in order, I’ll blog about them.

Everyone who visits my blog regularly knows I’ve been working on the book for Harlequin. It’s going fine I think, but I’m amazed at how many distractions are being thrown in my path.

My dh actually was the one to bring this up after my recent bout of hypochondria. *g* He mentioned that unfounded worries are a good way to keep my attention off what I need to be doing. He’s absolutely right. I didn’t think I was stressing about this WIP, but I was wrong. It’s manifesting itself in various ways. Now that I realize that, I’m choosing to ignore it. (I promised myself I can freak out after the first draft is finished.;) Have you ever experienced anything like that?

On a completely different note, I picked up a few ebooks last night. I was in a paranormal mood. (What’s new? LOL!) Here’s what I’ll be reading over the next few weeks when I go to bed (I have an ebook reader. Works well in the dark.): Incubus by Raine Weaver, Hungry Like the Wolf by Vivi Anna, Tarnished by Elisa Adams, Unleashed by Cathryn Fox, Embracing Temptation by Lorie O’ Clare, Harker’s Journey by N.J. Walters, and Taming Him by Michelle Pillow. That should keep me busy for a while. (wg)

I’ve also recently read Misled by Sylvia Day and A Taste for Control by Patrice Michelle. They’re both great. Sylvia picks up where Angela Knight lets off with vampires in space. Truly wow!!! Patrice’s entire vamp series captures you and sucks you in. You’ll love exploring the world she’s created. You can’t go wrong with either one, but why chance it when you can buy both.

Time to make the doughnuts. Catch you later.

Monday, November 14th, 2005
A Bit of a Late Start

Got off to a bit of a late start today with the writing. Two things, I need to cut back on the caffeine and stop procrastinating. I did end up with a few hundred over 2K, but still not as much as I would’ve liked. Sigh.

What does this mean? No more taking off the entire weekend for me. Until this WIP is finished, I’m going to only take one day off a week. Otherwise, it’ll be too hard to start back up…like today.

I received gorgeous pictures of my nieces and nephew recently. I can’t believe how fast kids grow up. Shaking head. Sniffle.

I must say as I continue to write this book that I have a newfound respect for ALL of the Harlequin/Silhouette authors out there. It is incredibly difficult to pace these books. (I always knew it was, but this is a not so gentle reminder.;) My hat’s off to you folks.

For the writers out there, what type of books do you have a difficult time trying to pace? For the readers, what is it you like about the pace of category books? If you haven’t read any category books lately, why?

Sunday, November 13th, 2005
Nice Weekend

Dh and I spent much of this weekend at the movies, watching kids’ flicks. (They’re the only thing decent playing right now.) We also window shopped, which is always fun. A couple of my dear friends are celebrating birthdays this weekend. Here’s hoping all their wishes come true.

I’m almost finished reading Red Hot Santa. I have one more story to read and it’s starting out with a bang…or should I say a dead Santa. I also started reading Hot Spell. So far, so good. Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.