November 29th, 2005
Technically Inept

I’m playing with my new iPod nano, trying to figure out how to work this thing. It’s supposed to be easy to load songs and listen to music. It took me most of the evening to add my music library to iTunes. Apparently, you have to use the iTunes library holder thingy if you want to use an iPod. Sounds simple, eh? Snort! Rolling eyes.

I’ll give it one thing. It is slim and looks pretty cool. Now if only I can get the &$#@ thing to work. Grr…

What technical device/devices do you have a difficult time working?

18 comments to “Technically Inept”

  1. I did really well with the ipod. Got all my music on there. Did not have time to back up right away– and when my computer crashed , somehow the ipod songs went with it too–I am not quite sure how the hardrive of the laptop and the ipod thingy go together but my son said” “kiss your music bye bye.” So I am now re-downloading a WHOLE LOTTA CD’s once again..aarrggggg..the machines are out to get us..

  2. For working in technologies development, I know remarkably little about technology gadgets. That’s why I’m sooo glad I have an audio/visual tech at home who makes all my gadgets do what they are supposed to! 🙂

  3. Computers hate me. Really. And it is personal. If computer’s had a post office, my picture would be on the wall.

  4. uhhmmm, let’s see:
    the computer
    the t.v.
    the vcr/CD combo
    the microwave
    and in foreign countries, the telephone.
    Thank goodness the toilet is so simple! 😉

  5. I’m a Mac user so the iPod set up and regular music loading was really simple for me. My mother’s on Windows and I noticed her version of iTunes isn’t as fast. Or maybe it’s her computer… I really try not to use it that often because I get brain shivers whenever I look at the sheer number of desktop icons and bookmarks she’s got.

    In any case, you set up playlists with your music. The iPod software will also let you listen to music based on artist, album or genre so if you don’t want to set up playlists, you don’t have to. I don’t use the album/artist feature that often so I end up creating playlists for music from the 80s or collections of songs by particular artists that fit a theme or come from many albums. It’s like my own greatest hits collection!

    I really, really love my iPods… as with TiVo’s effect on my television viewing habits, I don’t think I’d ever want to listen to music any other way again.

  6. The stove. The Food Processor. The Blender. The Coffee Pot.

    I’m good with computers, I don’t have too much trouble with my cell phone, but put me in the kitchen, and I’m sunk.

  7. Oh Maddie…that blows big time. (((Hugs))) Just thinking about having to reload all those CD’s gives me the willies. :-/ I hope it goes by quickly for you.

  8. Tina, I hear you. I’m so glad I married a computer expert. Whew!

  9. Eve, You crack me up. *g*

  10. LOL Terri! I never thought about the overseas phones. They freak me out too. I can’t even remember their version of 911. :-O

  11. Mariann, I’m not sure how I lived without TiVo…seriously. Snort. I’m sure eventually I’ll get the hang of my Ipod. I’d love to have those kind of playlists.

  12. Candice, *ggg* I grew up on a farm, so cooking was mandatory. Now if you handed me a needle and thread and expected more than blood and a big knot, you’d be in trouble. LOL!

  13. If you tool around the net you can find programs that allow you to add mp3s to the iPod. DH hates the idea of iTunes and only has his mp3s on his Mini. So you really don’t have to use iTunes. He can even set up playlists, etc.

    I’m not a Mac fan (he won his in a company contest), but I really like how easy to use the iPod is. Now I want one.

  14. Oh Jordan – I live to make people laugh – I’ve made it my mission in life *g* the last couple of days aside – thanks for stopping by.

  15. I don’t have problems with electronics, but I do have problems with complicated video games. Knowing which of the billion controller buttons control what on the screen is WAY beyond me! 🙁

  16. Nicole, I may get to the point that I can just download the MP3’s directly, but first I’m going to get the gist of iTunes. I took the time to add my library, so now I’m going to use it. Grr…

  17. Eve, Keep it up. (wg)

  18. Larissa, I find the push all of them at once method sometimes helpful. *ggg* I jump, when I should be shooting. I run, instead of walking. You get the picture. 🙂