December 28th, 2005
Debating Whether to Enter Another Contest

Special announcement: Jo has her uber-challenge up and running. Stop by and check it out…if you dare. (evil grin)

I’m debating whether to enter my two Bravas in the Golden Quill contest. I think the contest is great, but you have to send in five copies of each book entered. (That’s a lot of copies.) Also, it’s $25 per entry. Not exactly cheap right after the holidays.

BUT, (you knew it was coming) this is one of the few contests I can enter my published work in. I considered the RITAs, but after last year’s reaction nixed the idea. I didn’t want my book getting short-changed because it had Brava on the cover. I suppose I could always just enter one of the books, but I have no idea which one would have a better chance. Hmm…

Are any of you entering contests? If so, is the work published or unpublished?

7 comments to “Debating Whether to Enter Another Contest”

  1. I may enter the Passionate Plume, but not any of the others. It’s prohibitive to have to bind ebooks to enter them, and it’s also very limiting. Would we ask print authors to submit their books in e-format? I know if I had to send BBA anywhere in e-format, it would take quite a bit of work on my part, since the edits were done on paper and aren’t saved on my computer. It’s the same in reverse. I think contests should accept the book in the format it was distributed in. 🙂

  2. Sylvia, That’s the other one I considered entering. I’m just not sure I have anything for that contest. I hear you on the formatting issues.

  3. I didn’t enter the Rita or Reader’s Choice or EPPIEs this year. Maybe next year. Contests are expensive to enter and since it’s so subjective, not a very reliable way to try to promote yourself IMO. Of course, if you win the gamble pays off, but I’m honestly not sure how much it affects book sales. I hear very mixed results from contest winners.

    Might have to check out the Passionate Plume!

  4. Charlene, I’m not sure how much if any it would affect sales. It’s more to get the book recognition than anything. I’ll have to think about it some more.

  5. I’m entering the Reader’s Choice. Speaking of which I need to get my entries bound! And I finaled in another one at Thanksgiving that I need to get my edited entry back by Monday (luckily by email! LOL)

  6. Congratulations Cece!!! I thought the Reader’s Choice had closed. I may have the days wrong though. Good luck!!!

  7. Jordan it is closed. I registered earlier but books aren’t due until 1/10!