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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
Much Better

Well today’s going much better than yesterday. I managed to get the book exchanged at B & N. Miracle among miracles someone actually knew what they were doing. (rolling eyes) I sent off my Blaze to my critique partner. (I’m sure she’s thanking me right about now. *snicker*)

I also edited a shorter story that I wrote. (The one I pulled from Atlantean’s Quest Bk. Four:Return.) I am debating on whether to add to it and another novella length story in order to submit it to a NY publisher.

The stories are pretty hot (I think). I’m just not sure they’re NY material…whatever that is. They are a little unusual. (Shocker coming from me. *g*) I’d have to shop it as a three story anthology, which means I’d have to write a third one. I don’t think that would be a problem since I have a basic idea for a third story that involves condors. Don’t ask. *ggg*

Currently, I’m trying to decide if submitting the anthology would correspond with my writing goals for next year. Not sure yet.

I’m actually feeling good about 2006. My focus is honing as 2005 draws to a close. Originally, I thought 06 would be all about career, but it’s shaping up to be a nicely rounded year both professionally and personally.

How about you all? Are you focusing on your careers? Your personal life? Both?

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
Winter Solstice, First Day of Winter, Freaky Friday in Disguise

Okay, I don’t know what’s going on today, but I’m ready to climb back into bed and claim a do-over. It all started yesterday, when I accidentally dumped my water over onto my desk. A few drops hit my ‘new’ keyboard before I shoved it out of the way. Today, the ‘opposite’ side is not working. To be exact, keys y,u,i, and o will not work. I’m currently typing on my old keyboard and thanking the stars that I didn’t throw it away.

I then download my emails to see that a friend’s mother passed away unexpectedly last night. I wish I could be there for her. Since I was up, I decided to head out of the house early to exchange a book that another friend bought me, but I already own. I go to B & N. Mind you I also have a gift card in my position. I’m not asking for money back, only an exchange. They act as if I’m about to rob the place. After I show them my driver’s license, they finally do the exchange. I go workout and head to the grocery store, where I lose the earpiece off my new iPod. I get home and open the B & N bag and it’s the same damn book I took into the store in the first place. So now, of course, I have to go back. Grr…

I let it go and think okay, I’m at home and everything is still fairly groovy, then I happen to see the answering machine light is blinking. Another friend has called upset about something. I can’t get in touch with her and it has me worried.

I know this whole day is some kind of test/experiment gone awry. The sad thing is one of my personal goals is to work on how I react to situations, whether they’re business related or social. I so failed the test today. 🙁

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005
More Release News

I spoke with Raelene today (head of editing and several other things at Ellora’s Cave). She sent me my new paperback cover for Atlantean’s Quest Bk. Two: Exodus. That book will be out Jan. 2006, along with AQ4.

I also have a paperback anthology coming out in Feb. 2006 with Julia Templeton called, ‘Somewhere in Time’. It will include Now and Forever and my story, Tears of Amun. And finally, I have a third paperback coming out next year in July or August that will encompass Atlantean’s Quest Bk. Three: Redemption, Atlantean Heat, and Atlantean’s Quest Bk. Four:Return. It’ll be called ‘Atlantean’s Quest: Fall from Grace’. That will be three books for the price of one. Can’t beat that deal. 🙂

Other than that, I’m still editing the Blaze. It feels like I’m never going to finish. Ugh!!! I so want to have this project in the mail by the first week of Jan., so I can concentrate on one of my paranormals.

What are you working on? And what would you rather be doing?

Monday, December 19th, 2005
Release Date

It’s official! Atlantean’s Quest Bk. Four: Return will be released on Jan. 4th! Woo Hoo! I had to cut an entire subplot from this book, which took a while, but it’s finally here.

Over the last week, I’ve learned something about my writing that’s both good and bad. The good is that I can create pretty good alpha heroes. The bad is that they’re strong enough to have their own books.

As you might imagine, it wasn’t fun to hear from my critique partner that she didn’t know which character was the true hero of the book. She liked them both, but found my subplot hero more intriguing. Ugh! (This wasn’t for AQ4, but I did have a similar problem in that book too.)

Apparently, I can write subplots as long as they don’t revolve around a secondary romance. *ggg*

What have you discovered about your writing this year?

Sunday, December 18th, 2005
Harlequin, what’s happening?

I received this info from Alison Kent originally, but wasn’t sure if it could be posted. Now that I’ve seen this from Angelle Trieste, I suppose it’s okay. These are the ‘NEW’ Harlequin word counts for the lines. (Blaze used to be 70-75K) BTW you should check out the blog conversation Alison has going on about Harlequin. It’s very eye-opening.

Here are the new Harlequin line requirements:

Line (Thousand words) Book pages pages at 250 wpp count
Desire 50-55 192 pp 200-220
Intimate Moments 60-65 256 pp 240-260
Special Edition 60-65 256 pp 240-260
Bombshell 70-75 304 pp 280-300
Love Inspired 60-65 256 pp 240-260
Everlasting 70-75 304 pp 280-300
American Romance 60-65 256 pp 240-260
Blaze 60-65 256 pp 240-260
Intrigue 60-65 256 pp 240-260
Superromance 70-75 304 pp 280-300
LI Suspense 60-65 256 pp 240-260

***Follow these guidelines loosely. That said, I wouldn’t aim for anything below these numbers.

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

They say that the blogs that tend to stand out aren’t afraid to shy away from controversy. I would agree. These types of blogs draw readers by the thousands.

Contrary to my public ‘face’, I am actually extremely opinionated and very blunt. I use many of the ‘colorful’ words that I pen in my books in everyday conversation. (Not pretty, but there you have it.) I made a conscious choice to avoid controversial subjects when I started this blog.

Why? Not because I want people to like me. I did it because I think fighting on the web is a waste of my time. (I avoid most things I consider a waste of my time. If I voiced my true opinions on certain subjects there WOULD be fights. *g*) I think I’ve succeeded avoiding controversy with a few exceptions (the RWA posts). Did the number of hits to my site jump during those posts? You betcha. Was it tempting to keep the rant going? Absolutely. What stopped me? My readers. I don’t want readers that come to my site to feel uncomfortable. I want them to feel welcome. Can’t do that if I create a continuous bitchfest. I avoid blogs that focus on snark. Yes, they can be funny at times, but the negativity gets old after a while. Besides, snark is easy. Tranquillity is hard.

Which type of blogs do you prefer? If you blog, which type of blog have you created for your site? Does an author’s opinion about hot button subjects influence your decision to purchase their future work?

Friday, December 16th, 2005
PBW Has Made My Day

I was making my usual rounds through blogville and came upon an entry titled Word that included my name. Of course, I had to read it. Snort. Not only did it contain sage advice on branding, it said some of the nicest things about me that I’ve read in print in a long time. Thank you, PBW.