January 31st, 2006
I’m Playing Hooky

You can check out my entry at Romancing the Blog. Tomorrow, I am going to share what I found at the Writer’s Store.

10 comments to “I’m Playing Hooky”

  1. I wish I could buy a new set of Muses at the Writer’s store. *lol* Mine are starting to fail me when I need the most.

  2. Hi Jordan, I enjoyed your post at Romancing the Blog. Now what did you find at the Writer’s store? Don’t keep me hanging.

  3. Hey Jordan, I came here from Eve’s site (been lurking for a while). Just to let you know I read your post on Romancing the Blog & I am sooo much a magpie too! The others in my writers group are always after me to JUST FINISH SOMETHING, and I’m working on that (actually I have finished short stories, just not published) but I have trouble staying in one area. The stories generally don’t fit any catagory that’s out there, some romance, some action, some just a quiet little slice-of-life, some sci-fi/fantasy/alternate universe stuff & most of it just crosses and blurs the boundaries. I’m so glad to hear about others who are like this too!!

  4. Silma, LOL! Wouldn’t that be nice. 😉

  5. Cathryn, I’m going to write up a big paragraph on the stuff I found. I haven’t bought the items yet, but I plan to. (wg)

  6. Bebo, Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. Congrats on the new job. 🙂 I think there are a lot of magpies out there. I didn’t realize how many until I started paying attention to blurbs. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve finished some short stories. It’s a great place to start. Keep at it. I have to really keep a close eye on my magpie mind or else it’ll easily turn into procrastination. *ggg*

  7. I read your article on Romancing the Blog, and all I can say is that I can relate. I’m all over the place, never sticking to one genre. The members of my critique group keep telling me to stick to one genre. But I can’t. One story is a vampire. The other a were-animal. Another is romantic comedy. The only thing they have in common is that there’s romance.

  8. Silma, Well at least they’re still all romances. I can’t even say that. :-/

  9. Hmmm, so having the first chapter or two of a romance, a sci-fi, a horror story , a mystery, a historical fiction, aand a non-fiction isn’t that good? Even if I combine them all together? Do I really need to pick one and stick with it? Probably get more done that way, huh?

  10. Eve, There’s nothing wrong with having a chapter or two of each of those things as long as you know exactly what you plan to do with them. The trouble occurs when you just keep writing new chapters. *ggg* To answer your question, yes, it would probably help to work on one thing at a time. 😉