January 28th, 2006
Little Sister’s Birthday

Today is my ‘little’ sister’s birthday. She’s five years younger than me and off playing in a softball tournament. It’s funny, all the while we were growing up people always asked if we were really sisters. (She had blonde hair and well, I don’t.(wg) Our personalities are pretty night and day too. She was always the one who blew up in a fit of anger and then immediately got over it. I was more of a rolling boil. You didn’t want to ever get me beyond that stage because I never forget and I rarely forgive. *ggg*

Anyway, my pat answer to the sister question has always been yes. You don’t have to look or act alike to be a sibling. What you need is a common history, shared memories, and LOVE. So, Happy Birthday, sister. May you have many, many more…because I still need someone to fight with…and beside. 😉

6 comments to “Little Sister’s Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday to your little sister!

  2. Thanks Silma!

  3. What beautiful words – Happy Birthday Jordan’s little sister!

  4. Thanks Eve! I’m sure she’d cringe if she read this. *ggg*

  5. Happy Birthday to your little sister, Jordan!

  6. Olga, Thanks! She’s having dinner with my folks as we speak. :o)