January 29th, 2006
Waiting for New Arrival

A couple of months ago we ordered a credenza for our living room. (Dh doesn’t like to stare at equipment or wires.) It took us months to find one with enough slots to hide all our toys. You wouldn’t believe how many variations there are of this particular piece of furniture, and most aren’t pretty. We finally found the one we wanted in Ethan Allen. (A furniture store for those of you unfamiliar with the name.) They told us we might get it before X-mas, but that was soon changed to the first of the year. Weeks passed and we heard nothing. :-/ Finally yesterday we received a call saying they’d be here on Tues. Yah! So today will be spent touching up paint on the wall in preparation for the credenza’s arrival.

I’ve started reading my RITA entries. The book I picked up seems really good, but I have a question for those of you who read romantic suspense. Is it common to start a book out with three different threads? I have an entry where I was introduced to three different characters, only two of which seemed to have anything in common. Every time I think I’ve started to expand my reading world, I come upon something that reminds me that I’ve barely scratched the surface. Sigh.

11 comments to “Waiting for New Arrival”

  1. Yay on the credenza! 🙂 I’ve been waiting for a bed to arrive for months, so I know what you’ve been going through with the wait!

  2. Yay for the credenza!

    As far as RITA, I’m actually through 3 of my 7 and on my 4th. I’m amazed that I’ve gotten through them so fast. But then I picked the thinnest ones to read first! I have one huge MM and one huge HC after all thes long contemporaries are done.

    As far as starting with 3 threads, gee, I’m no help there. I would think you’d introduce them a little more gradually, but then I haven’t read a lot of romantic suspense.

    I’m with you. I’ve barely just scratched the surface.

  3. P.S. the title of your post sounds like someone’s waiting for a baby arrival. LOL

  4. I’m with Cheyenne – I thought it was baby news (not necessarily yours, just someones *g*)
    Um, I’ve never read one like that – but then again if it works why not? At least it’s something new. 😮

  5. Ugh Larissa! A bed would be far worse. Fingers crossed yours comes soon.

  6. Chey, Bite your tongue on the baby news. *ggg* I wish the reading was going quicker. I started with the novellas, but this RS can’t be read quickly or I’ll get lost…says the person incapable of reading fast.

  7. Eve, Yikes!!! No baby news. As for the book, it’s working, it is just a tad on the depressing side.

  8. *LOL* The baby thought crossed my mind too. Anyway, happy to hear that you’re finally getting your credenza. Yesterday I finally bought the new TV. It was a pain the neck searching for one that would fit in the entertainment center. As for starting 3 threads at once, it depends on how the person develops it. I read one that began with 4 characters, who seemed all important to the plot. But somehow along the way, two of them sort of disappeared. I kept wondering when I’d read about them again. If I remember correctly, one turned up dead almost at the end of the story. So it’s all in the development of the plot.

  9. Glad your credenza arrived. As for the trio of threads– Two years ago I judged a similar novel in a contest. The author was new to me, but the publisher was a major NY house. The author had three unconnected character threads and I couldn’t figure how they’d ever tie together because it was almost distracting. But by golly, the author pulled it together and it was a very chilling RS–much, much heavier on the suspense than romance though.

  10. Silma, That was kind of the reason behind the purchase of the credenza. We want to buy a new TV, but we needed this piece first. Glad you finally found one that fit into your entertainment center. The TV we want won’t fit on our current setup.

    As for the book you were reading, I hate it when an author does that. The one I’m reading has finally connected the character that seemed liked the odd ‘man’ out to one of the main characters in the book. I’ll be very curious to see how the author brings it all around.

  11. Jan, Thanks! I’m kind of wondering if the story I’m reading is going to be much higher on the suspense end than the romance. Right now, there’s been two deaths, one in the past and one in the present, and everyone is grieving. It’s rather sad. The author is new to me, along with the genre, but the writing is excellent so far.