February 27th, 2006

Some of you may have already seen this blog entry, but I thought it was worth pointing out again. Anna Genoese, an editor for Tor, wrote about pitching to an editor. If you’ve ever considered doing so or plan to do so soon, you may want to check it out. There is a lot of good advice within the entry. I know a few things she said really caught my attention and has made me reconsider a few projects.

12 comments to “Pitching”

  1. I visit Anna’s blog frequently so I’d seen the article already. It’s how to “pitch” a story to her, and I found it very interesting. She actually gave some extra pointers at the chat at Romance Divas. If you’re not a veggie, you better be careful what you say to her. *lol*

    Anyway, even when the article is about her, I think she brought forth a few good ideas on to make an effective pitch.

  2. Silma, The don’t pitch a series thing really caught my attention. I think it’s great advice. I also knew she was a vegan.

  3. I suppose it would help if one were the actually write the book first, huh? *gg*

  4. LOL Eve! Yeah, that helps. 😉

  5. Get technical on me …

    psst … I’ve moved!

  6. Yeah, I love Anna’s blog. I read it regularily. She shoots from the hip. I like that. But she’s a rare breed.

  7. Eve, Now that’s just wrong to move without telling. :-/ *g*

  8. Vivi, Oh yeah, she definitely shoots from the hip. You won’t have to guess what Anna is thinking, she’ll tell you. I find it refreshing.

  9. Hey – I told *gg*

  10. Little late! Snort!

  11. Thanks for the info on Anna – she’s a hoot, isn’t she?

  12. Sunny, You’re welcome and yes, she is. 🙂