February 28th, 2006
What is Prime Condition?

I rarely do this because I choose to keep my private life segregated from my blog beyond generalizations, but I’m so VERY proud of my husband that I have to share.

Working out (yes, I’m going to talk exercise, so go grab the chocolate and pull up a seat;) has always been a struggle for us. Not because of being physically incapable of doing it, but because we hate it. LOL! I know some people thrive on exercise…we are not them. That was the impetus behind dh developing this product. He wanted to create an exercise program that even ‘we’d’ use. A tall order to fill, let me tell you. *g*

Prime Condition was a way for us to create our own workouts. The site is currently in Beta mode. You can sign up…now, and once the site goes live you’ll receive more info on how to get started. Easy.

I signed up to motivate myself. I’m currently going (forcing myself) to the gym three days a week, but I need that extra push to make it more interesting. (I get bored easily and I’ve already passed from bored to coma at the gym.) If you like what you see at Prime Condition, I’d appreciate it if you’d pass the info/link on. 🙂

25 comments to “What is Prime Condition?”

  1. Jordan – it looks fantastic! I’d sign up in a heartbeat if I didn’t have the slowest online connection in the universe (24k – seriously). Also, no MP3 player, but if we ever enter the 21st Century, I’m there. Congratulations to your husband. Wow!

  2. Thanks Jo! We’re really excited about the project. 🙂

  3. Looks great!

    LOL, I just signed up for a gym myself, and me and my pals are going for the first round tomorrow.

  4. May, Good luck! I signed up at the end of Nov. and have managed to keep going, but it’s brutal. *ggg*

  5. Sheesh, I’m still working on getting an ebook reader, and now I need an MP3 player? When will the madness stop!!!

    Good luck with the project – it looks great and if I were to ever be insane enough to believe that I might just maybe start thinking about exer, er, exer, um … see, I can’t even say the word 🙂

    I’ll pass it on chick.

  6. I just re-read what I posted and that doesn’t look right. I meant I would pass on the information.

  7. Wooohoo! It rocks! I hadn’t thought of putting my routine to music, but I should. (the husband and I are doing hindu squats and pushups. Oww oww oww, but so effective!) I must use this cool tool. Kudos to your husband!

  8. That’s an excellent idea! I’ve always had music around me to help me exercise. I burnt a CD with some of my fave songs that motivate me to run on the treadmill. And the songs help me pace myself. At my peak, songs like Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need A Hero” is playing, and I’m doing pumping 7 mph. For an old chick like me, that’s fast. *LOL*

  9. Remember how fanatical I used to be about exercise? I am *so* not now. But my dh is. He works out or plays racquetball just about every day of the week. He is in such fit shape and he doesn’t look like he’s aged in the past 20 years. Should see his friends and him together and they can’t believe how much he looks the same. It’s disgusting, really. 😉

  10. Thanks Eve! I know I nearly break out in hives when I say the word too. He figures if he can get me exercising, then everyone else will be a piece of cake. 😉

  11. Thanks Charlene! Man, those squats ‘sound’ painful. :-/

  12. Silma, That’s terrific! I don’t think I could run at 7mph unless something was chasing me. And even then…:-O

  13. Chey, I remember. You were obsessed. 🙂 Glad to hear that Dh is the envy of all his friends. It is rather depressing though. *ggg*

  14. Did you say cake? *g*

  15. Jordan, you and DH are geniuses!!! Very cool. Of course I’ll pass it on. I know my sister, who does aerobics every single day, and is a certified personal trainer would love this.

    And I’ll be using it, once I get my recumbent bike!!! I’m so excited about it, cuz I can cycle and do editing at the same time!!!

  16. Eve, ‘Cracks whip’, there’s no cake here. *g*

  17. Vivi Anna, That’s really cool! Thanks so much!

  18. Very cool . You know I’m checking it out!!

  19. Thanks Sasha!!!

  20. Very cool idea!

  21. Thanks Amy! We’re hoping that word of mouth spreads quickly. 😀

  22. WOW! This looks awesome!!! Anything I can find to *help* me workout is always a good thing…you can count on me forwarding to my friends…

  23. Dear Sir/or Madam,

    One link to Prime Condition accomplished.

  24. Thanks Glenice and Eve!!! I really appreciate it.

  25. You have a new customer, my man is interested and has signed up 🙂