March 22nd, 2006
Sorry for being MIA

My dh went out of town to a conference on Sun. and I don’t tend to sleep while he’s gone. So by yesterday, I was darn near hallucinating I was so tired. I’m a power sleeper, so I don’t do well on 6 hours in 2 days. *ggg*

Last night, I broke down and took a couple of Tylenol vanilla sleepy thingies. ( I don’t know what they’re called.) Anyway, they knocked me out. I didn’t wake up until 11:15 in the morning. I’ve been scrambling ever since. LOL!

I must say though that I do feel MUCH better today. Just got back from the gym and plan to start typing in the changes I made to my manuscript. I hope everyone is having a good week.

9 comments to “Sorry for being MIA”

  1. Hi Jordan!! My weeks’ going pretty good. I’m finishing up one thing, eager to start another. Got confirmation that Chapters bookstore is going to hold a big book launch party for me April 22 for Hell Kat. They ordered 300 copies for the event! So I’m pretty stoked!

  2. WOW Vivi Anna!!! That’s WONDERFUL news. Congratulations. 🙂

  3. Congratulations Vivi Anna!

    Jordan – welcome to my world! Now you know why I’m such a goofus most of the time. But don’t tell me they’re hallucinations, I like to think they’re my muses running around.

  4. Eve, LOL! Whatever gets you through the night. *ggg* 😉

  5. Just take it easy, girl. The mind can go a bit wacko for lack of sleep. *g*

  6. Jordan, hope you’re caught up on your sleep now!

    Vivi Anna, what exciting news.

  7. Silma, It seems to particularly effect my typing skills.

  8. Charlene, I’m getting there…slowly. Now that dh is back. 🙂

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