March 29th, 2006
The Ghost Hunters Are Back

Okay, I know I can’t be the only one excited that the Ghost Hunters return tonight for a new season. I can’t wait! If you didn’t see last season’s big ghost surprise, then you really missed out. I get chills just thinking about what they captured on film. :-O

The editing is still coming along. I wish it would go a bit faster, but I’m adding stuff and it takes a while. Grr… This book MUST be finished by the end of next month.

In other book news, Christine Feehan’s Dark Demon was just released and Angela Knight’s new book comes out on Sat. I plan to order them both. A dear friend gave me a gift certificate. 🙂

Tomorrow night I think we’re going out to dinner with friends. I’m not sure yet, since dh is setting the whole thing up. It should be fun. What are you all doing this week? Looking forward to anything in particular?

16 comments to “The Ghost Hunters Are Back”

  1. Well, my only thing this week is…just heard that SEXY BEAST went into it’s second printing…fastest Aphrodisia title to do so…and 6 more days until Hell Kat is offically released!!! Wohoooooo!!!

  2. Congrats, Vivi Anna! I hear Wolf Tales has gone for 3rd printing, too. Aphrodisia is rocking!

    My weekend will be writing, writing, writing, and more writing. And of course the small people.

  3. Vivi Anna, That’s wonderful news. Congratulations! I’ll definitely pick up Hell Kat. 🙂

  4. Charlene, Mine will be pretty much the same. :/

  5. I keep forgetting to watch that – complicated story, but it’s difficult to get to that channel. Maybe I’ll remember tonight.

    This week? Writing, cleaning, blah, blah …

    Congratulations Vivi Anna!

  6. Eve, You’re missing out. It’s great. 🙂

  7. I’m more looking forward to tonight’s episode of Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King. I saw the first episode last night, and suddenly I had this mental craving to write a dragon story. As a matter of fact this morning I wrote the dialogue between the dragon and the dragonslayer (who happens to be a…girl!). *lol*

    As for my writing, I’m still in editing hell. Actually, I reached a much newer plateau than I did last night. After reading a couple of comments from two critiquers who read the story, I must decide between keep the story with the original setting or changing it to France. How will I decide? Simple. First, I’m going to finish redoing chapter 1. Next, I’ll flip a coin to see which one I keep. Then I’ll submit the story. BBWWWAAHHHAAA!

  8. Silma, LOL! As long as you’re being scientific about the whole process. *ggg*

  9. Ghosthunters ROCKED!!!

  10. Candice, I’m so jealous. It hasn’t aired yet here.

  11. I just ordered Christine Feehan’s Dark Demon too. Can’t wait to read it! I love her, and I am not the biggest paranormal fan *g*

    I also just ordered Kinley MacGregor’s new release.

  12. I was just talking about tv on my blog, too, lol! Ghost Hunters was the best!! Yay that it’s back!!!

  13. Sharon, Yeah I love Christine and Sherrilyn/Kinley. They’re both great authors.

  14. Jill, I know I was excited too. And the ghost they caught on infrared was totally cool. You couldn’t pay me to go into the abandoned TB hospital. :-O I can’t wait until the next episode. I’ll have to console myself with Supernatural tonight. (wg)

  15. I missed Ghost Hunters.
    Glad the editing is going well!

  16. Oh Julie you missed it. They captured another ghost on film. 😀