March 30th, 2006
Tor on the Lookout

Heads up! Anna is on the lookout for this.

11 comments to “Tor on the Lookout”

  1. LOL. I have the same blog topic today, too. 😉

  2. LOL Jaq! I swear I didn’t steal it. *g*

  3. What I love about Anna is her candor – lol – saying hey, I’m Jewish and I know this subject matter well, so don’t try to snow me. Probably saves her a lot of grief wading through manuscripts that wouldn’t be acceptable, but then again…there are idiots who can’t be intimidated by the truth. *grin*

  4. Sunny, Everything you said is so very true. I find it interesting someone would try to write about Jewish mysticism without doing research.

  5. Man, I really wish I didn’t have stuff stuck at another publisher right now…TOR is one of my dream publishers….I’d love to get in there.

  6. Vivi Anna, I hear you on the being one of the dream publishers.

  7. I read one of their TOR romance novels, and I’m dragging myself to read a second one. In the paranormal area, they’re good. On the romance area, not that good. On the first novel I read I couldn’t care less about the hero. But I wanted to know what happened between the ghosts and the heroine. *g* On the second one I’m reading, I don’t feel the chemistry between the hero vampire and the heroine now-turned-vampire. The whole story is trying to give me an early Anita Blake feel. But those books were never presented as romance.

  8. Silma, I know what you mean. Tor is definitely a little lite on the romance. And when they do have them, they aren’t conventional. I think you have to look at your work and see if it will fit that category. If it does great, if you’re not sure, try anyway. All Anna can say is no.

  9. Never meant to imply you did, Jordan. 😛 Just one of those ‘great minds think alike’ thing. I also got not less than 4 emails from friends/writing buddies and 3 digest/newsletters with the info! LOL. Word spread like wildfire on this one. ;-D

  10. me again. Ditto on the reading of TOR para/roms. I read one, but for the life of me I can barely remember the romance part. But still (kinda) remember the general para plot, which was enjoyable. The second one I started and put down, haven’t gotten back to it yet…. While she says 50/50 para vs romance, from the couple I’ve read, I’d say it’s more of a 75/25 split.

  11. Jaq, That’s about what I figured the split was from the books I own.