April 25th, 2006
More Market Info

The message below came directly from Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher at Ellora’s Cave.

We’ve got so many exciting things going on, people may have lost track. So here’s a summary of the special series and themes and new lines for this year and next. Please note that all these are open to not-yet-EC authors, so feel free to spread the word to your author friends and to writing groups you belong to.

Fun in the Sun Quickie series Releasing in June 2006, so if you are participating in this, you should have the story turned in already, right?

Autumn Animalia Quickie series Releasing September 2006. Theme is shapeshifters or a strong animal character in the story. Stories must be to your editor for review/acceptance by end of June at the latest, all editing done and final ms turned in by early August.

Wild Winter Quickie series. Releases December 2006. Theme is winter holidays. Stories to your editor by end of September, editing complete by early November.

New erotica line at EC (name tbd): We hope to launch in late 2006, and are accepting submissions now. This will be a line of erotica, not erotic romance. Basically the same sexuality level as E-rated EC stories, the same taboos. But it doesn’t have to be a “romance” doesn’t need commitment or an HEA although it certainly can have romantic elements. The focus is on the sexual relationship instead of the romantic one. Stories can be 10K to 100K.

New Traditional Regency line at Cerridwen (name tbd): Standard sweet Traditional Regencies. Story length 50-75K. Historical accuracy is very important. Only new stories, not reprints. Taking submissions now. Particularly interested in authors previously published in this genre. Planning to launch in late 2006.

NOTE: We already accept Regency-set Historicals at Cerridwen, and erotic Regencies at EC.

2007 Tarot theme stories: Stories can be any EC length or genre.
Must specify a Tarot card that is the “theme” of the story. For existing EC authors, submit to your editor a detailed full-story synopsis and 8-10K words. Outside submissions must be full manuscript.

2007 Ellora’s Cavemen anthology series: Submissions close Sept. 30; selections will be made by Dec. 31. Any genre, 10-12K, preferably E rated, send to (Enable Javascript to see the email address).

10 comments to “More Market Info”

  1. Oh! EC’s going to make a Tarot theme stories too. I know of another epublisher who did this. Liquid Silver Books did the Zodiac theme one. And there’s one now putting out the Chinese Zodiac theme stories and another the runes theme ones. Gosh, it’s like suddenly everyone is rediscovering these new age things. *lol*

  2. Silma, It is kind of funny, isn’t it?

  3. My, my–all these markets, agents, and editors! Dammit, I’m running out of excuses…

  4. Actually, Extasy ‘Books was the first to do the tarot theme books about two years ago. Almost exactly the way EC is doing them…I find that interesting…

  5. So good of you to share all this info–I had a chance to have lunch with Raelene at the conference—-she really wants our stories!!!!! Of course, I LOVE the tarot-themed idea.. my little brain is working overtime..

  6. Raine, I hate it when that happens. *ggg*

  7. Vivi Anna, I don’t remember who else had the Tarot and Zodiac themes. I’m sure if we went searching we’d find a bunch. *g*

  8. Maddie, Good luck! You can do it!

  9. Vivi Anna – Yes! That’s the one, Extasy Books! Thanks. Last night I was trying to remember the name of it. *g*

  10. Silma, I think they’re also the ones who published Jordan Winter and Shay McRae. *ggg*