April 29th, 2006
Something to remember and Rita controversy

Jo Leigh put up a post on Romancing the Blog yesterday that I think EVERY writer should read, whether you’re published or not. She makes such a good point. One that’s easily forgotten in this hectic business. Also be sure to read Jennifer Jackson’s response to Jo’s blog entry. We would all do well to remember this.

Alison Kent has posted an interesting blog about Rita judging. She’s linked to Jamie Sobrato’s and Jane Porter’s recent experiences with the Rita contest. The whole thing has left me shaking my head. The times they are a changing folks. Time to get with the program.

13 comments to “Something to remember and Rita controversy”

  1. Thanks for sharing Jo’s blog! You’re right–she does make an excellent point.

  2. Julie, Yes, she does.

  3. Have we returned to the “this is not romance” party AGAIN??

    Geez, it’s like a soap opera that keeps repeating the same senseless plot! Somebody wake these people up!


  4. She does make some valid points. I appreciate the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators *SO* much more than RWA. Talk about 2 different worlds. RWA is so political and judgmental on the national level, and SCBWI is not.

    I expected it to not final, but I thought, what the hell, I’ll enter Forbidden Magic in the Ritas. I really knew it didn’t have a chance because of the threesomes and foursomes, and then again, it could be just not good enough. But it’s interesting when you get high 8 scores and then one judge who gives you a 5.2. How much would you want to bet that the judge was turned off by the sex? So instead of judging the book based on its merits as a story, she judged it on the fact that she doesn’t like the sex. That of course is speculation and it could be that she just thought the book sucked! LOL There is one thing that’s *really* bugging me about something that happened in the Ritas elsewhere and I wish it was something I could just burst out and say, but I’ll just keep it to myself and wonder what the hell.

  5. Lol, Raine, that’s what I thought, too. I started blogging about a year ago, I’m no even writing Romance and so was not actively seeking out the RWA stuff, but there it was. All over the blogsphere.

    I sorta enjoyed the mess, though. I know, I’m evil. 😉

  6. Chey, Something definitely needs to be done to overhaul the contest. There are too many problems that aren’t being addressed.

  7. Raine, It is sad that this keeps turning up like a bad penny.

  8. Gabriele, LOL! You’re so naughty.

  9. Since I’m aiming my MS towards Blaze I guess I need to stop calling myself a romance writer? I’m so confused, but that would be a different matter altogether :p

  10. Eve, LOL! I’m with you on the confusion.

  11. Raine, I hereby volunteer to slap someone silly if they had the guts to own their opinion.

    Actually, I was able to keep my hands to myself this past summer when someone who challenged my Opinion piece in the RWR came up to me at the airport. (Mine was an argument against the rating system for books.) I don’t think I changed her mind, but maybe I gave her food for thought.

    The funniest part…all these woman start their dialogues with, “Now, I’m not a prude, but…”

    I’ve always wanted to answer, “Oh, yeah? Have you looked up prude in the dictionary? Do you know what it means?” Cause if they did, they wouldn’t start their arguments with such a grossly incorrect statement.

  12. Julie…it’s like those people who say crap like “I have gay friends…”

    What…you want a cookie?

    My local chapter is the ONLY reason I stay in RWA =

  13. Cece, I’ve heard that from SO MANY people. Their local chapters are the only reason they stay.