April 26th, 2006

This comes courtesy of Jo Leigh…who used to be my friend, until she tagged me. LOL!

Six Weird Things About Me.

I could be here ALL day.

1. I can watch every forensic show on television, but if you hurt an animal onscreen, I lose it.

2. I quit singing in bands because I didn’t like the attention and I found the act of singing far too personal.

3. I pick all the meat out of soups and stews, yet I have no problem covering stuff in gravy.

4. I come off like I was born and raised in the city, but I grew up on a farm. I even milked cows.

5. I was convinced I’d marry Gene Kelly when I grew up.

6. I can walk into a room in my house and tell you whether something has been moved without knowing exactly what.

14 comments to “Tagged”

  1. Oh…that last one is sooo me! My mother used to hate it ‘coz she loved to sneak into my room and read my diary. Yes, my own mother. Can you believe it?

  2. Silma, How dare her! *ggg*

  3. Oh, I’m so with you on the animal thing. I can’t even hear about a sad animal thing. Insects, sure, but mammals? No way.

    And I love that you wanted to marry Gene Kelly! I met him! In person. It was the coolest. However, we didn’t get married. 🙂

    (See? It wasn’t so bad.)

  4. Oh Jo, I am SO jealous. I would’ve killed to meet Gene. Of course, I probably would’ve burst into tears the second I did. I cried for a week when he died. L.A. television kept showing clips of his movies and I wept each time I saw them. It makes me sad thinking about it.

    There’s an umbrella in Vegas signed by everyone from Singing in the Rain. I swear one day I’m going to buy it. I managed to write to Donald O’Connor before he passed away. He sent me an autographed picture that I’ve framed and hung on my wall. Can you tell Singing in the Rain was one of my favorite movies? LOL!

  5. It’s inadvertently my fault, so forgive Jo. *gg*

    Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor are my favorite dancers. I’m with you on #1 (in fact, I’m watching CSI:NY right now. I do #3 quite a lot – what’s so weird about that? #6 is more wow than weird.

  6. So it’s your fault, Eve. I should’ve known. *ggg*

  7. I think those ‘weird’ things are the coolest things…

    It’s our ‘weirdness’ that makes us so interesting….

  8. Thanks Vivi Anna! The last one always made me feel like a bat. LOL!

  9. Ah, Jordan–we have a coupla things in common, lol!

    I thought “Singing In The Rain” was very good–but for me, it was “Brigadoon” that sent my little heart a-skippin’ for Gene Kelly. He was such a strong dancer! And the scene where he’s dancing with Cyd Charisse and they’re singing “The Heather On The Hill”…oh, my…sigh…

  10. I know you could come up with some more weird stuff than what you chose to share! JK I witnessed the cow milking, if anyone wants pictures for proof I am sure I could find one! LOL

  11. Great answers, Jordan. Damn, almost called you something else. LOL. You know I grew up on a ranch, too. I’ve milked cows and goats! Especially goats. Then we had of course every farm animal on earth. 😉

  12. Raine, My guess is we have more than a couple things in common. LOL! I loved Brigadoon too. I think I fell in love with Gene in ‘On the Town’. When I watched ‘Singing in the Rain’, I was done. It was over. He took my heart and didn’t even know it. *g*

  13. Teri, I’d say before you start breaking out pictures of our childhood you’d better remember the photos I have. LOL! ;P

  14. Chey LOL! We had just about everything, but goats and sheep. I grew up with pigs, chickens, rabbits, cows, dogs, cats, and horses. The latter was my world. I still miss my horses. Feel naked without them. *g*