May 28th, 2006
Done With The First Draft

Woo Hoo! Yippee! Yahoo! (Picture Daffy Duck bouncing off every object in the room and you pretty much capture what I feel inside.:) The first draft of the paranormal suspense is done. I finished last night shortly before midnight after writing 7350 words. It’s sitting at 98K+. I’m seven pages short of 400. 😀 This book is a milestone for me in many ways. First, I’ve written a type of book that I never thought I’d write. Second, this is the longest book I’ve ever written. (My other ST is sitting at 350 pages.)

I’m sure all you ‘long’ writers out there are snickering right about now, but for a naturally short writer it’s a big deal. Again, I couldn’t have accomplished this without having the book charted out. It really made all the difference for me, even though several things changed. I’m going to leave it sit for a week and then begin edits. (Definitely not looking forward to this part, but it has to be done.) While I’m letting it stew, I plan to work on a partial I started a few months back. I’ve written a chapter and a half…not counting the ending. (You know I have to know how it ends in order to write it. *g*) And those are my big plans for the week other than working out.

Today, we’re off to see the Da Vinci Code. Tomorrow, it’s X-Men 3. I figure after the DVC I’ll need to look at Wolverine for a couple of hours. *ggg* Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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  1. YEAH JORDAN!!! that’s fantastic!! doing happy dance with you girl!

  2. Thanks Vivi Anna!!! I’m a happy girl. 🙂

  3. Congrats on that milestone draft, Jordan!

  4. Thanks Raine!

  5. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! Enjoy those movies. Especially X-3. Wolverine, yummmmy.

  6. Congrats on finishing such challenging draft! Have fun at The DaVinci Code! I saw it yesterday and loved it. I was hoping to see X-Men 3 today but mom wanted me to take her shopping. Hopefully I’ll see it tomorrow.

  7. Charli, I managed to catch X-men 3 today. All kinds of destruction happening there, along with a ton of changes. If you like the X-men movies, you have to catch this one. It’s not as good as the first two, but worth seeing…especially since they did a new preview for Pirates. Yum!!!

  8. Cool Silma! I plan to go see Da Vinci tomorrow. Thanks for the congrats. 😀

  9. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations Jordan!!!!

    And there is never a bad time to look at Hugh Jackman …

  11. Yay, Jordan! Congrats on finishing it! I figured out what Forbidden Magic was in Courier New 12 pt type and the freaking thing was 669 pages. I’d NEVER written anything so long. Jeeeeez. It was 127,500 computer word count, but if I do the 250 words x number of pages, it came out to 167K. OMG. The sequel is 115K computer wordcount. A little better? I saw Da Vinci Code last night with my dh and one of my sons. I enjoyed it. I really wanted to read the book before watching it, though!

  12. Thanks May! 🙂

  13. Thanks Eve! Let me tell you, he was in FINE form. *ggg*

  14. Chey, Thanks! I can’t even imagine coming up with something that long. I’d have to really start describing things to reach those word counts. *ggg* Yes, 115K is better. 😉 People are definitely getting their money’s worth. (wg) I’ve read DVC and enjoyed the adventure. It certainly gave you a lot to think about that’s for sure.

    I hope the characterization is better in the movie. He kind of sucks when it comes to writing the ‘mini-romance’ section. *ggg* I hear Angels and Demons is a better book, so I’ll probably read it next. Right now, I’m trying to devour as many first person urban fantasies as I can get my hands on. I need to see how everyone writes them to make sure I’m doing it correctly. *g*

  15. Congratulations Jordan! A major feat tackled. Yay! What’s the book about? And why is it so different from your other works? I’m so nosy *G* I usually just lurk and occasionally post, but this time my curiosity got the better of me. : )

  16. Holy cow, Chey, that’s huuuuggggeeee!

    Good to know X3 has PIRATES! Argh, matey, that’s a reason to go see it right there. Enjoy your urban fantasy binge. I have Kim Harrison and Kelly Armstrong in my reading pile! Great stuff.

  17. Yay for the finishing. I wish I’d know that feeling (the only draft I finished was of my first novel and I immediately felt it sucked, all 125K of it) but then I’d better not spend so much time reading blogs. *grin*

    I want Beowulf and Alatriste to hit the theatres, dangit. 🙂

  18. Anne, LOL! You’ll have to come out and play more often. 🙂 The book is about a woman who sets out to solve a murder and ends up stopping a war. What makes it different from my other work? The main thing is it’s not really a romance. It is a near-future paranormal suspense with romantic elements. The focus of the story is on the quest for truth, the adventure. It’s written in both first person and third person point of view, which I’ve only done in journal form before. So it was a challenge. I hope an editor likes it. 🙂

  19. Charlene, I’m reading Nightlife by Rob Thurman and LKH. I do like the two authors you mentioned though.

  20. Gabriele, It’s natural to think the book sucks. It’s only after you’ve been away from it for a while that you can actually look at it with a clear vision. As for those movies, I think you have a while to wait. The one doesn’t come out until 2007. :/

  21. Lol, I know it’s natural to think that. But in this case, it’s true. It was my first attempt at writing (not counting the ol’ school time fanfics), and I really did a lot of things wrong. The sucker is in for a complete rewrite, and of the 125K maybe 30 will survive with ‘only’ editing. The rest got kicked for good.

  22. Ouch Gabriele! LOL!

  23. Congrats!! Enjoy the movies!

  24. Thanks Danica!!!

  25. Thanks for enlightening me Jordan. It sounds very intriguing. I guess I’ll have to get farther around the blogsphere than three or four blogs a day in order to keep up, huh? LOL *wink*

  26. Anne, *g* that might help. 😉