May 27th, 2006
Google Earth’s Clear and Present Danger

Forgive me, I’m feeling all ‘X-files’ today. Like many of you, I’ve played around with Google Earth. I’ve glided through the Grand Canyon and visited ‘home’, since I can’t get back as often as I’d like. That’s the cool and groovy aspect of that program/site.

Then there’s the part of me that remembers the movie ‘Clear and Present Danger’ with Harrison Ford. He’s waiting for a satellite image to pop up and we see a girl sunbathing in the middle of the desert. (This is right before the special forces team goes in and wipes everyone out.) That’s the creepy aspect of the whole Google Earth thing. Now I know that governments had technology like this for quite a while. This is in no way new. But there’s part of me that finds it a little on the frightening side. No, I’m not doing anything worth watching. I’d bore an observer to tears, believe me. It’s just the thought that someone could be watching that kind of freaks me out.

I suppose it’s the downside to technology. You have to take the bad with the good. Next they’ll come up with a way for machines to write books. Okay, that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part…says the person two chapters away from finishing.

6 comments to “Google Earth’s Clear and Present Danger”

  1. Yeah,I have just ASSUMED my entire life is available on the internet, on a satellite, or, secretly embedded somehow in my driver’s license…

    I’m pretty sure Bill Gates in the anti-christ.


  2. I’ve only taken ‘the tour’ once. I didn’t like it–just reminds me of how vulnerable we are to government peeping.

    And if Google Earth are such hot-shots–where’s Osama?

  3. Maddie, LOL! My anti-christ looks a little different than him. 😉 Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Raine, LOL! You’d think someone would be able to spot him, wouldn’t you? I do hear you on the peeping. It’s scary. Very 1984 scary. :-O

  5. Love Google Earth… at least I did until I discovered that two out of my three childhood homes in California have been bulldozed. Ouch.

    By the way, it was Patriot Games not Clear and Present Danger. PG was going up against IRA terrorists. CaPD was going up against Colombian drug cartels.

  6. Bryan, Ouch is right on the houses. Thanks for clearing up my movie confusion. I do that a lot, when the movies are similar. *g*