May 29th, 2006
Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the US. It’s a time to remember those who sacrificed everything to keep this country safe. I am grateful to the men and women who took that ultimate step. I just wish there weren’t so many new names to add to that already over-crowded list.

7 comments to “Memorial Day”

  1. *sigh* You said it. I’ve had a lot of relatives in the military and we live in a largely Navy population. These guys are just kids, and they put their lives on the line. They deserve to be remembered.

  2. I feel for all the military families out there, and give my big kudos to those who serve.

    A couple of days ago, there was the funeral for the first Canadian woman killed in combat here in Calgary. Nicola Goddard. It was televised and I watched some of her father’s eulogy. It was beyond moving, and I can’t even imagine what her family must be going through…

  3. My father, who was a WWII vet, made absolutely sure that I never forget what today is about. We should always remember.

  4. I just wish the day wasn’t necessary.

  5. I just wish there weren’t so many new names to add to that already over-crowded list…

    Well said.

  6. I’m with you on all of the above. The list of names just goes on and on. I visited friends in DC in February and was amazed at the memorials…Viet Nam, WWII, etc.

    Writer friend Ann Wesley Hardin has a lot of military in her family, and she posted some of the most wonderful tributes and photos on her blog the past weekend, if you’d care to take a look. I don’t know how to make a link within a post, so I’ll just copy and paste if that’s okay, Jordan.

    Have a safe and happy week, everyone.

  7. Sunny, Thanks for the link!