May 30th, 2006
Things and Stuff

I managed to work on my urban fantasy over the weekend. I’ve almost finished the partial. I hope to get it done today. My dh read the first two chapters and told me it was creepy. How cool is that?!! (wg)

Speaking of cool things, I found out today my story Mesmerized from Bad Boys Over Easy has been translated into Portuguese. Apparently, they broke the anthology apart and put them in individual books. Woo hoo!

For those of you with cable, I saw a preview for a couple of kickbutt looking shows. The first is on Spike TV. They’re doing Blade the series. I enjoyed the Blade movies and I hope the series is fun too. For those of you with BBC America, I caught a preview of a show that looks fantastic. It’s called Hex. It premiers on June 8th and I can’t wait. Perhaps the UK folks can fill us in on whether or not it’s any good.

Other than that, not much is happening. It’s laundry day. Exciting. Did anyone have anything cool and groovy happen to them over the weekend? I’m off to get some work done. 😀

12 comments to “Things and Stuff”

  1. Groovy? Well, I have another EC contract, that’s pretty groovy. : D Other than that, nope. We’ve just been working. Tomorrow the toddler turns 3 so we’ll probably do something fun.

  2. Groovy? Not in this house – that was outlawed in the mid-80’s. *gg*

  3. Cool and groovy? I had a hike shortcut kick my butt, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for. *g*

  4. That’s awesome that he was creeped out by your partial… 😉 I’m doing well if I get my hubby to read anything I write.

    Now that’s not to say he’s not super supportive — he helps me with plot twists, characters, and is totaly jazzed about a future book idea that involves vampires.

    But actually read something? That’s a blessing in itself! 🙂 Count your lucky stars on that one! 😉

  5. Cool and groovy? Nada. I did happen to watch the worst movie of my life over the weekend while trying to keep my mind of “goods news is coming” matters…

    Bloodrayne. Sucks. Ass. Actually it’s not even cool enough to suck ass. It’s the most horrendous piece of putrid slime I have ever subjected my poor eyeballs too…

    Now, don’t you all dare run out and rent it to see what I’m talking about. Because if my horrible review makes people run out and plunk money down to see it, I will forever hang my head in shame…

  6. Charlie, That’s groovy. Happy B-day to the wee one. 😀

  7. Eve, LOL! Here and I thought it happened long before that decade. *g*

  8. Lynn, That’s pretty cool. A hike sounds nice. 🙂

  9. Candice, I thought it was cool too. As for having him read my stuff, it takes quite a bit of pleading on my part. *ggg*

  10. Vivi Anna, No worries. I won’t run out and rent that one. (wg)

  11. Jordan – The hike itself *was* nice. It was when my daughter and I had the bright idea to take a shortcut (trying to beat my husband and son) that turned out to be a nearly vertical climb that things got iffy.

    At least I can say I did it. *g*

  12. Lynn, LOL! It sounds more like you lived to tell the tale. 😉