June 24th, 2006
A Third of the Way and Counting

I’ve officially hit a third of the way in edits. It’s been slow going. Originally, I was reading over each change, but then I stopped and continued forward. I think today that I’ll go back and actually read through the chapters and make sure that the changes I’ve made make sense.

I’m a little concerned about the growing length of the manuscript. I am one of those people who add in…even when I make severe cuts. So far I’ve added 18 pages to the book. :-O
And that’s in the first third of edits. Gulp. It’s a good thing I plan to cut a couple of chapters later or I’d be looking at a ST in no time.

13 comments to “A Third of the Way and Counting”

  1. Well, there’s always HQN if you mushroom beyond the bounds of Blaze! Sounds like you’re making terrific progress. *waving pom poms*

  2. Charli, Thanks! I’m going to try to keep it a Blaze, but I won’t destroy the story in order to do so. 🙂

  3. Hi Jordan,
    I’m sure as you move forward the cuts will balance out the additions. Good luck, doll. I know you’re going to do a fabulous job and I’m looking forward to reading it in print.

  4. I agree with Cathryn, I think it will balance out at the end. But you’ve made great progress.

  5. Thanks Cathryn! Here’s hoping. 🙂

  6. Thanks Bailey! 😀 Here’s hoping the rest goes quicker.

  7. Keep going, Jordan! You’re in the home stretch. As you move into those other chapters, I bet you’ll start paring down, and in the end it will balance. I think when you find things you need to add, as you read through, what you add makes it easy to get rid of other things that no longer apply: or that you have found a better way to get out in revision.

  8. Ursula, I’m sure you’re right. A friend just recommended a tiny change that will have me going back once again to the previous chapter, but I think the suggestion will make the situation between the characters more believable.

  9. Keep at it. I know it will balance out for you, and be a better book because of the attention!!

  10. Good to hear you’re making progress with your edits. *g* Keep it up, girl!

  11. Thanks Sasha & Silma! 🙂 I know the book will be better once I’m finished. It wouldn’t take much to accomplish that. The more I read the more I’m convinced I was sleep walking while writing this manuscript. Forty page chapters anyone? *ggg* Sigh. (shaking head)

  12. Keep at it, you’re doing great and we’re cheering you on!

  13. Thanks Saskia! 😀