June 28th, 2006
Friends & Reading

A friend called me today. She’d offered to take a look at Revenge of the Sky Goddess to see if she could help me with the edits. I’m always amazed when I hear suggestions from people who’ve never read the work before. She was spot on in her observations and her ideas are going to help immensely. I’ve already started plugging them into the manuscript. I’m nearing the section I’d intended to cut and rewrite. I think the edits will go much faster once I get there. (Rewriting is far easier than fixing.:)

I was in the mood to read something new on ebook, so I went to New Concepts Publishing and bought the Dark and Dangerous anthology. So far it’s good, even though I was a little disappointed that the first story ended so abruptly. It felt as if it were a ‘preview’ to a larger book. I’m hoping the others are a little smoother. I also bought two of Michelle Pillows’ Var warrior books. (I mentioned before that I was really enjoying that series.)

Tomorrow, I have to get to the store before the cleaners come, then it will be edits, edits, and more edits. Have I mentioned that Pirates starts in a week and a half? Not that I’m counting or anything 😉 Argh! (wg)

12 comments to “Friends & Reading”

  1. I didn’t know Pirates was coming out so soon! Thanks for the heads-up. 😉

  2. Raine, Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me…on July 7th. (wg)

  3. My 14-year-old goddaughter and I are going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 the very first day. She already bought the new posters of the movie with Orlando Bloom. *rolls eyes and grins* Please, someone tell me I wasn’t that silly at her age.

    As for the story, it’s always great to have fresh eyes going over your work. They can spot things our tire ones can’t. I love to receive those critiques ‘coz they are so enlightening. Good luck with the edits! I hope you get the story done soon!

  4. And you don’t have it broken down into hours and minutes yet? LOL

    Yes, fresh eyes = fresh viewpoints. It always helps a lot.

  5. Silma, I’m that silly now. Blush. (wg)

    I agree with you about the fresh eyes. She didn’t actually critique my story. She was looking to fix specific things that the editor had problems with. Things that she’s particularly good at. And it helped tremendously.

  6. Oh, I love it when my CPs send me back their crits! I see my work under a different light, and it gives me a boost.

    Pirates start next week? OMG! I’ve been so cook up in my room writing that I’m totally out of touch with the world. But I’m going to see the movie. Love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow! *g*

  7. Bailey, You can bet I will by Sunday, when the times are posted. *ggg* I will be there the morning after opening. I’ve already warned dh that if it’s good, we’ll be seeing it at LEAST three times. 😀

  8. Tempest, That movie is full of eye candy. The fact that it’s fun makes it all the better. 🙂 I can’t wait!

  9. Oh, man, I’m brain damaged! I read that as “Pilates starts in a week and a half”. Totally different meaning on the Argh for that! Pirates, much more fun.

  10. That’s funny, Charli! I was thinking about going back to pilates now that boot camp is over, but that’s not what I was referring to here. *ggg*

  11. Jordan I’m so torn between seeing Superman and Pirates *sigh*

  12. Cece, I’ll probably end up seeing Superman, but if I had to choose between that and Pirates, it’s not contest. Argh! 😉