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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
Mum’s Birthday and Edits

Today is Mum’s birthday! (A few days ago it was mom’s.;) I hope she’s having a lovely time in the Highlands. Happy Birthday, Mum! We love you!

The edits are coming along slowly. I started reading the Blazes that I received from Harlequin. I never realized so much internal info was put in those first few chapters. (ie I never paid attention.) Now that I have, I’m going to have to go back through my first few chapters and add even more thoughts and background information. I hope to surpass page one hundred today. It still leaves a lot of stuff to edit, but I think I will be finished in another week like I’d anticipated.

I’ve added a bad guy’s POV, which changes the tone of the book. Hopefully not so much that they are no longer interested in the book. But to be honest, I can’t worry about that right now. I just have to fix the book and make it the best that I can. If they like it, terrific. If they don’t, oh well. I will have done my best and that’s all I can do. 🙂

Tomorrow, we’re going out to dinner with friends. It should be fun. I think we may also go to the movies a couple of times. I plan to work on top of whatever we end up doing. Does anyone else have plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
Checking Back in a few days

I need time to digest these edits. I’m trying to figure out how best to tackle them and come up with new twists for a couple of chapters. That means I need to limit my blogging. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Time to put the head down and butt in the seat. Darn, I hate it when I’m asked to go to work. *ggg* NOT! 😉

Monday, June 19th, 2006
I am furious

You all know how I’ve been waiting for my edits from Harlequin, right? Well I finally sent the editor an email because I hadn’t received them. Come to find out DHL had dropped them off at the office where I live and forgot to leave me notice. They’ve been sitting here since the 9th. AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I even see a DHL van right now, I’m ripping someone a new one.

As a complete aside, today is my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you. I hope you enjoy the stereo. 😀

Sunday, June 18th, 2006
Happy Father’s Day

I’m fortunate that I have two dads, the one who raised me and the one who came into my life after I married my dh. I truly feel doubly blessed to have two very different types of men in my life.

After my interesting Friday, things seemed to calm down quite a bit…thank goodness. I guess it was as I described ‘just one of those days’. I haven’t done much this weekend beyond run errands. I have some more to do today, but I may just give dh a list and stay home. I’m about halfway through my book and I’d like to finish. I am enjoying the story, but it’s weird, there are language choices that are throwing me off.

I know a lot of readers out there have issues with language. I’ve heard from a few after they’ve read my EC books. (wg) I understand it’s a ‘me’ issue when it comes to being thrown out of a book by a language choice. The author hasn’t done anything wrong. That said, some of the choices made in this book remind me of high school. More specifically, the way guys used to talk about their ‘member’ in high school. I think that’s why I have to stop and re-read passages on occasion. She’s a very good writer. I really am enjoying the story, even if a Sioux would rarely refer to themselves as a Sioux, since it’s derogatory. (They’d call themselves Oglala, Teton, Hunkpapa, Brule (with an accent), or Miniconjou. Basically whatever branch of the nation they came from.) None of these things would prevent me from buying this book or her other books in this series.

I guess my point is that when writing, an author has to be very conscious of her/his word choice. I’d known this before, but this book has driven home the point. Hope everyone’s weekend is grand.

Friday, June 16th, 2006
One of those days…

My morning started out okay. Got up, had coffee, exercised, showered, then left to get my hair cut. The guy did a good job. I’m happy with it. After that things deteriorated. I went by the used bookstore, which happens to have a charity book container outside its doors. They (not the used bookstore, but the charity) collect books to sell to help with literacy and foster children. Anyhow, I’m unloading my bags of books and placing them in a shopping cart, which refuses to remain near my car, when the last bag breaks, sending books flying across the pavement. This is where you picture me, trying to hold the possessed cart and pick up books at the same time. Grr…

I manage to get the books dropped off and I head to the post office so that I can mail my paranormal suspense. I get there and grab a number, only to see that they’re closing for lunch in five to ten minutes. By the time I reach the front of the line, the woman is starting to lose it because 15 minutes of her lunch time has been eaten by customers. So I volunteer to wait until she gets back. She ends up taking me early, which was nice. I’m excited because I have cash and figure I’ll be out of there quicker. Turns out she has no change. This is after I cut my finger digging through my purse in search of exact change. She tells me it would be easier if I wrote her a check. Now why she thinks writing a check is easier, since I have to find my driver’s license, a pen, and give them blood to prove I’m who I say I am, is beyond me.

I finally get out of the post office and head to the grocery store. I get there with list in hand. Everything is going okay. I’ve put a bandaid on my bleeding finger, so I no longer have blood oozing down my hand. I decide to grab a basket, instead of a cart. Yes, this is mistake number one. Within three aisles my basket is full and I’m carrying an item in my free hand. Said item happens to be Starbucks bottled coffee. Oh yeah, it’s that obvious. I’m about halfway down the back aisle when the handle on the Starbucks four pack breaks, sending pink whatever all over the floor. Did I mention that when I tried to catch it that my nails dug into my already injured hand deep enough to leave bloody crescents behind? Or that when I swung around, I nearly took out a row of Prego tomato sauce with my purse? I didn’t think so.

I reported the spill, grabbed a Dr. Pepper, and walked straight to the alcohol aisle before checking out and coming home. My Dr. Pepper exploded the second I opened it. Sticky goodness covered my stove, floor, counter, and sink. I did have a half a bottle left by the time it finished foaming. I’m so glad that the cleaners came yesterday. I’m thrilled to say that I accomplished all of this while managing to only break one of my dozen eggs.

I was going to work on edits for EC, since my Harlequin ones haven’t arrived yet, but I think I’m going to read instead. It seems safer somehow. Snort. How was your day?

Thursday, June 15th, 2006
Still Waiting…

No, the edits have not arrived yet. I’m going to try to read, so that I can (insert laugh here) ‘forget’ about them for a while. Tomorrow I have a haircut appointment. I’m taking a magazine with pictures in it. Wish me luck. :-O

On the super news front, my friend, Tina Gerow just landed a three-book deal with the Aphrodisia line. Yah Tina!!!

Now, I’m going back to waiting. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
Very Strange Week

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, bro. 🙂

It’s been a very strange week thus far. (Yes, I realize it’s only Wednesday.) I don’t know if it’s the boxing/bagging of the books or the waiting, but I can ‘feel’ the stress. Maybe the planets are out of alignment again. *g* The edits still haven’t arrived, but I’m not worried yet. If I don’t have them by next week, then maybe. I have been keeping myself busy with writing business things. (Never fun.)

I’m just not good with waiting, even though I have plenty to keep me busy. I’ll be happy once next week rolls around, so that several items are off my plate…and shoulders.

How do you all deal with waiting?