July 18th, 2006
Always the last to know…

Sometimes I’m truly grateful that I am out of the loop. For example, I didn’t know that there’s been a big fight going on between reviewers and authors until I went to Alison’s blog. I mean I’d heard comments, but I just didn’t realize that it was as large a fight as it is. The skirmish has turned into the blob, devouring all in its path. I made one comment on a link and I think it’ll be my last…if you don’t count my blog. *wg*

Today has been much calmer than yesterday. I went for my private Pilates lesson. It kicked my butt and my thighs. They will be sore tomorrow. Whimper. I haven’t been shopping yet for Nationals. Yes, I’m waiting until the last minute because I don’t like to shop. Tomorrow, I have my hair appointment, thank goodness. The color is looking scary right now. I’ve signed all the contracts for EC. I think I might have a story for Samhain too. I’ll look into it upon my return. Hopefully I’ll have lots of news to share with you all soon.

In the meantime, does anyone have anything cool happening?

16 comments to “Always the last to know…”

  1. Good luck with shopping–here in Phoenix SOMEONE pretends we have a WINTER and that’s what they are showing in the stores right now–

    A lot of astrology appts. this week.. leaving for a seminar next week..

    Meeting Ruthi Perkins for happy hour tomorrow–

  2. Thanks Maddie! 🙂 Hope the appts. go well. Happy hour with Ruthie sounds fun. Have a drink for me. 😀

  3. The good cool thing that has happened to me in the past week and half is teaming up with fellow paranormal sensual writers Cora Zane and Cassandra Curtis to put up a blog with all our zany ideas. *lol* Now we’re setting up chats and stuff. It’s good to find people who’re in the same wavelength than you, and feel things clicking all around you. *g*

  4. Very cool, Tempest. You’re right, it is wonderful when that happens. 😀 I hope the new blog has much success. 🙂

  5. I was just asked to be on the RT paranormal panel again next year. I’m really excited to be asked back–guess I didn’t scare anyone off last year…lol.

    Other than that, just keeping ahead of the looming deadline 🙂

    Have ‘fun’ shopping. I DETEST it. Especially when they have the winter coats out while it’s still 115 degrees outside. Don’t these people understand that ‘Valley of the Sun’ means we don’t even want to start thinking about winter clothes until it’s chilly outside? Or at least not 90 degrees at night?

  6. In the meantime, does anyone have anything cool happening?

    Sure. I found out the ms I’ve had sitting at a publisher’s for about a year now…is probably still sitting. Maybe.

    Yeah. Way cool. :-p~~~

  7. The Blob! Now I need to rent that old movie. *giggle*

    I finished my proposal for SMP book 2, yippeee, hurrah, wahoo. Dying to hear more about your Samhain story!

  8. Tina, That’s very cool. Congrats! I hear you on the heat and shopping. 🙁

  9. Raine, LOL! Yeah, that’s ‘good’ news. Snort. *ggg*

  10. Charlene, Congrats! The Samhain story, if they want it, is a contemporary offshoot of one of my Brava stories. I wrote about one of my secondary characters. 🙂

  11. I have this image of green good sliding across the internet devouring everything in it’s path! LOL

    It’s hot…that’s not really good news but I can’t seem to get past the fact it’s 109 goshalmighty degrees outside *sob*

  12. Cece, That’s kind of what I pictured too. *ggg* The strange thing now is that the fight is turning to gay defamation due to a scene that the author wrote about a gerbil being up a guy’s butt. Oddly, there’s no mention of the man’s sexuality to my knowledge. Everyone just ‘assumed’ he was gay because he was experimenting with anal sex. Hmm…

    The heat is on. 🙁

  13. I had no idea there was a fight either. Hmm..Should I wonder around and see whats what? I think I’ll stay out of it and trust you to report things. *grin*

  14. Sasha, LOL! Oh no, I’m done. I made one comment to try to explain what someone meant and that was taken out of context. I knew then it was time to back away slowly. *ggg*

  15. I spend most of the time in the water, in a lake in the Harz mountains, to be exact. 34C is too friggin’ hot. Anything over 25C is too friggin’ hot for me. I wanna emigrate to Greenland.

    Right now I even like being unemployed. No overheated office for me. 🙂

  16. Gabriele, Lucky you. It’s hot as blazes here too. 🙁