July 21st, 2006
Another Day Running Around

I spent another day running around. I was supposed to go to the movie with my friend, but I haven’t been feeling 100%. I’m definitely on the mend–thank goodness. Didn’t want to be ill at Nationals. Speaking of Nationals, I’m kind of freaking out since I’m hearing reports that downtown Atlanta is like the gauntlet for walking. People are saying it’s not safe to walk over a block. 🙁 Terrific. Just what I wanted to hear, when I can’t bring my gun or my pepper spray.

Today has been a little rushed. I needed to mail a few things and get to the grocery store. Don’t want my dh starving while I’m gone. 🙂 I about melted while I was out there. I’d buy an electric car tomorrow, if it would stop the global warming.

I received a couple of requests this week based on the queries I sent out, so I WILL be writing a book in a month come Aug. 🙁 Luckily, I have a hundred plus pages already written. Whew!

Still haven’t managed to shop. (Yes, I’m putting it off.) I’m trying to figure out if I have enough clothes to cover the conference. I’ll look tomorrow. Can’t be bothered today. I have to read through my manuscript and start the next chapter. Hope everyone is staying cool. 😀

14 comments to “Another Day Running Around”

  1. If PBW were here, she’d say something stunning about going to RWA National without your gun or pepper spray…

  2. I did my running aorund today too. Unfortunatley still not done.But Close. 🙂

    I’m not worried about walking around downtown. If I can walk around CapeTown South Africa after dark I thinkI can handle Atlanta. I think the main thing is be smart. Don’t flash money, don’t flash jewlery, don’t announce you’re a tourist, and walk with purpose. If you wander around looking lost and holding a map, you’ve just painted a target on your back. I think that goes for downtown anywhere

  3. Charlene, I’m sure she would. I finally broke down and called the police. The man that answered actually laughed, when I told him what was being said about downtown Atlanta. *ggg*

  4. Sasha, I’d say you’re 100% right. Use commonsense and you’ll survive the experience. (wg)

  5. Congrats & best of luck with those requests! Gawd, I HATE writing under pressure!

  6. Jordan – I heard the same thing about Mexico city and I had to go there twice on business. But I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, there is crime there, but like Sasha said – be smart about it and you should have no problems. And in case anyone is interested – Mexico City reminded me of a very green Houston with the traffic and driving of NY on steroids. 🙂

  7. Have a great time in Atlanta! I’m going to miss you, my friend. Just stay safe (I know you will)…and enjoy the week. You’ve been writing like crazy and deserve the break.

  8. Have a great time at Nationals! I’m sure you’ll come back with some great ideas percolating in your brain. 🙂 I am sure you will be perfectly safe and like everyone said, know where you’re going and walk with purpose. I always carry Alka-Seltzer tablets in my purse, if someone approaches you or if I you feel threatened, pop one in your mouth under your tongue (tastes nasty). You’ll be foaming at the mouth in no time. That should keep the baddies away. *wg*

    It is unseasonably warm in Seattle, it was 97 here yesterday. It’s awful compared to what we’re used to. I think it is that way everywhere though.

  9. Raine, Thank you. I hate it, too, but I have no choice. Sigh.

  10. Tina, I’ve been to NY, Chicago, and lived in L.A., so I know cities pretty well. I think as long as you’re street smart you’ll be okay. If anything happens, know that I’ll leave a lot of forensic evidence behind. 😉 *g*

  11. Julie, I’m going to miss you so much at this conference. It’s just not going to be the same without you. 🙁 (((hugs)))

  12. Shannon, I hadn’t heard about that one, but it’s a good idea. I have heard to make yourself throw up. Does the same thing. 😉 Sorry to hear about your warm weather. You’re right that it’s everywhere.

  13. Congrats on getting the requests! *g* Sounds like you still have a lot to do before Nationals. I hope I won’t see you running around like a headless chicken. *lol*

  14. Tempest, LOL! Too late. *ggg*