August 26th, 2006
Ask An Author

There is a yahoo group called: (Enable Javascript to see the email address). I’m not sure how many RWA members are signed up for it, but if you aren’t, you need to rush over there now. Alicia Rasley is discussing how to put emotion into every scene and it’s fantastic. I’m learning a tremendous amount from the examples she’s chosen. Seriously, if this is something you have a problem with in your writing, GO NOW! Between her and PBW, whose three little questions can nail a plot, I think I’m set. 🙂

10 comments to “Ask An Author”

  1. Hi, you may want to just provide the URL to this group’s home page, as it’s hard to find the site by searching YahooGroups. Here you go:

  2. Very cool! I joined. Because I just don’t belong to enough Yahoo groups. *eye roll*

  3. Thanks Carolyn! Sorry about that. :-O

  4. Charli, You’re going to LOVE her talk. Seriously.

  5. I’m part of that Yahoo group, but really only read the digests. This week I’ve printed out every single digest. Just awesome advice. I particularly love the whole retelling of the hospital visit.

  6. Jaq, Wasn’t that a terrific scene? Wow, talk about powerful. I’m going to print out most of it too. The examples are just too good to pass up.

  7. The idea of joining yet another yahoo group makes me blanch–LOL–but this one does sound promising. I’ll have to check it out.

    I’m playing catch up today and just read about your recent health scare, Jordan. I’m glad everything’s okay. 🙂

  8. I’m with Daisy. LOL. But it does sound like a good group. I know you have to join the main RWA loop to be allowed to join any other RWA loops–is AAR an RWA loop?

  9. Thanks Daisy! I’ve been thinning my lists out and the groups I belong to over the last year. I have only kept the ones that I find useful. It’s been hard letting a lot of them go, but I really haven’t missed them. I basically took a few days and asked myself how useful any particular group has been over the past year. If the answer was ‘not very’, I quit the group once my membership expired. Several of the ones I couldn’t let go of, I’ve put on ‘no mail’.

  10. Chey, Yes, you have to be an RWA member to participate. Like any group, there are sometimes I don’t get much out of the talks, but when the talks are useful– they’re VERY useful. I’ve kept that list because there have been enough talks over the years to make it well worth the digest emails. In exchange, I’ve gone ‘no mail’ on the EC Reader’s Loop. I have also quit FF&P, Passionate Inc., Beau Monde, and VOS.