August 31st, 2006
Broke in October

I can’t believe how many good books seem to be coming out in October. (No, I don’t know for sure that they’re good, but they sure sound good from the blurbs.) At last count, I had something like six great ones (Greywalker by Kat Richardson, Glass Houses by Rachel Caine, She’s No Faerie Princess by Christine Warren, My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding anthology by P.N. Elrod et al, Master of Swords by Angela Knight, and Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan) and that doesn’t count this months’ releases. Sigh. I’d better start pinching pennies now.

12 comments to “Broke in October”

  1. I have My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding on order. Looking forward to it. I think my Amazon Visa is beginning to melt.

  2. Booooooooksss! Hey, it’s deductible, right?

  3. LOL! I feel your pain!. At least October is my birthday so I can ask for some from my list as gifts.

  4. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the Warren book. I’ve not read her before. I have Greywalker on my list too.

    And because I’m mean, I’d like to share that Rachel’s sending me a Glasshouses ARC. 😀

  5. Gawd, those do sound good…I’m still trying to figure how to swing a few in September! 🙁

  6. Bailey, I think it’s going to be good. There are a lot of wonderful authors in that anthology. I’ve gotten more hesitant when it comes to buying anthologies lately. Been burned too often. I tend to wait for reviews, but I probably won’t with that one. 🙂

  7. Charli, I WISH they were all a deductable. *ggg*

  8. Cherie, That’s cool. 🙂 Happy ‘early’ Birthday!!!

  9. May, I knew you had a mean streak. 😉 Let us know how the book is. As for Christine Warren, you should pick up A Wolf at the Door. It came out a few months ago. She’s a terrific writer. I devoured her stuff when she wrote for EC.

  10. Raine, You and me both. Right now, I’m telling myself that I am not allowed to buy my September books until I’ve read an equal amount of my TBR pile. I’ve finished one and I’m almost done with a second book. I think that leaves two or three to go. I want Christine Feehan’s new hardback, which comes out on the 5th. Then there’s Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance by Alison Kent…and Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward. Sigh.

  11. Man, I am so with you Jordan!!! I have two baskets full of perfectly good books, and a flash drive with a ton of e books ready to go. I PROMISED myself, no more books *except two about to come out*. Then, today, I had to go to Borders for the new Romantic Times (to select October buys, of course). And what do I do? Buy more books. And what am I doing when I jet over to eHarlequin? Buying more books. This is a sickness. A nice, enjoyable one: or: it means there are just some very good books coming out. The ones I just bought are from an author who writes about a British police detective in the early 1900’s who has come back from the war with the voice of a dead Scottish soldier (formerly under his command) who talks in his head and is a character in all the stories. I didn’t realize that the author had released two books, and then came out in hardcover this month. Open the checkbook. 🙂 I guess I could get more from the library, but I like to support the authors I enjoy.

  12. Ursula, I hear you. I’ll be buying a ton over the next two months, then there are more favorites coming out in Jan. I’m glad I got rid of so many. I’m going to need the space. *ggg* The book you mentioned sounds interesting. I read Ian Rankin on occasion. Really enjoy his work because his character is in Edinburgh, my dh’s home town. 🙂