September 28th, 2006
A Day of Celebrations

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday. Happy Birthday, J! It’s also my brother-in-law’s anniversary. Congrats on reaching lucky 13. 😀 May you both have many, many more.

Other than that, I have a doctor’s appt. that I’m dreading (like they’re ever something to look forward to *g*) and I need to get organized before my in-laws arrive for a visit in less than a week.

I do have a quick question (or two) for you all about my blog. I know I ramble a lot. I tend to do that when I don’t have much to say. (wg) What, if anything, would you like to see me talk about in the blog? Are there any topics that you’d rather I avoid? Now is the time to speak up. Thanks ahead of time for your help. 😀

26 comments to “A Day of Celebrations”

  1. Dr’s appt? Nooooo!

    Topic ideas? I can’t even think of my own topics ahead of time. *g* I’m open to suggestions for my next RTB column…

  2. Charli, I know you feel me with the doctor’s appt. 🙂 As for suggestions, that’s what I asked you. 😛

  3. What I don’t like is politics, lol.

    What I’d like to see is a bit more about how you tackle your writing problems, like how do you flesh out a characters, tie in an elusive subplot, that sort of thing.

  4. I’m with Gabriele on this one. Stay away from politics. And since they so often get folded into the political anyway, you might want to avoid religion and abortion for good measure.

    Other than that, I just come over to read about what you’re writing about or even if you’re just thinking about something.

  5. I’m with Gabriele on this one. Stay away from politics. And since they so often get folded into the political anyway, you might want to avoid religion and abortion for good measure.

    Other than that, I just come over to read about what you’re writing about or even if you’re just thinking about something.

  6. Oops.

  7. Jordan,

    Thinking about you today! All will be well, my friend.
    And as to blog topics–stick with the upbeat, fun stuff.

  8. Stay as you are. 🙂

  9. I liek when you ramble. Makes me feel like we’re just chatting *grin*

  10. Whenever I do go to the doctor, she sighs and says, “You think once in awhile you could come in here BEFORE you’re 3/4 dead?”

    That’s how rarely I go.

    Regarding your blog — it’s your blog and NO ONE has the right to tell you “not” to write about something. That’s censorship. You have the right to write anything you want. So do it.

    The only people who can’t bear opinions different than their own are those who know, deep down, they’re wrong. Anyone who is secure in their beliefs or opinions welcomes different points of view as a foundation for dialogue.

  11. I like all your blog topics. And not to rock anyone’s boat, but I don’t mind reading political stuff a-tall…don’t know if I’ve ever read any on your blog, though… I’m with Sasha, I like your ramblings, because they sound like you. 🙂

  12. Gabriele, I tend to avoid politics because I have such STRONG opinions on the subject. Same goes with religion. If I thought for a second a calm conversation could take place about either subject, I’d go for it. But, you and I both know that isn’t going to happen.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to think about those writing topics and see if I can come up with something intelligent to say. *ggg* 😉

  13. Thanks Bryan. 🙂 Abortion is another hot topic…that I have VERY strong liberal opinions on. 😉 I think you’re right though, I should probably stick with writing, reading, movies, and eating topics. I appreciate you delurking. 😀

  14. Julie, You’ve been on my mind too. 😀 Thanks for dropping by. I’ll talk to you soon. (((Hugs))) 🙂

  15. Thanks May. I doubt I can be anything else. *g*

  16. Sasha, That’s what I like about your blog too. 😀

  17. Devon, LOL, on the doctor. Perhaps you should roll in a little more often. 😉 My visit today was relatively painless…thank goodness. I still HATE going. 🙁

    No worries. I don’t think anyone is trying to censor me. 🙂 I think everyone knows that I can talk about whatever I want. It was more of a case of wanting to know if there was a topic anyone would like me to blog about that I haven’t covered.

    I tend to keep my blog upbeat as opposed to inflammatory. I don’t have time to fight with anyone. It’s not productive, and honestly, it’s a waste of my time. But thanks for jumping in there. I agree with you. Dialogue is always a good thing. 😀

  18. Note to self: Stop rambling when out to dinner with Catherine. *ggg* 😉 I actually don’t think I have ever had a political discussion or religious discussion on my blog. At least if I have, I don’t remember it. Hmm…

  19. Jordan, I think your blog is pretty well-balanced. If it ain’t broke…

    Best of luck with the dr. stuff–ugh.

    And geez, you seem to have so many visitors! Can I get a reservation, say, around Halloween?

  20. *laughing, blushing* Eek–to clarify, your “ramblings” don’t sound like you because you ramble; your blog posts just sound like you, a friend, talking to us about what’s going on in your life, head and writing. Like a fun, ongoing conversation that touches on many topics.

    OK–hoping that helped pull my foot a little bit out of my mouth. ;-D

    And good luck w/ that dr. appointment.

  21. Just keep doing what you’re doing hon! =)

  22. Chiming in to vote No, please, on the politics, although I can’t remember a time when you’ve blogged about anything political.

    I like reading about the changes and directional decisions that you’re making with your writing. It’s as if you’re going through a personal renaissance, and I definitely want to see what happens. Other than that, anything you like. You’re always a calming and inspiring read for me.

  23. Raine, Thanks! The doctor stuff is pretty much over. By the end of next month I’ll be right as ‘rain’. (pardon the pun 😉 My blog is busy, but it’s not near as busy as I’d like it to be. My goal is to get the volume up to 2000 consistent hits a week. Sometimes I reach and surpass that number, but I never maintain it. I think that will come once I start moving more books. Fingers and toes crossed anyway. I’ve taken your reservation down for one of my favorite times of the year. 😉 Your table will be ready. 😀

  24. Catherine, LOL! I knew what you meant. I just couldn’t resist the urge to tease you. *wg* The doctor’s appt. went great. All’s well. 😀

  25. Thanks Cece! 🙂

  26. PBW, I doubt I’ll ever discuss politics because it tends to depress me. LOL!

    I’m glad you find my blog calming. What a lovely way to describe the writing changes that I’m experiencing. 🙂 I do feel like I’m going through a personal renaissance. For the first time in a long time, I’m happy with what I’m writing. I wish I was better at it (wg), but I am certainly catching glimpses of what is to come. 😀