September 27th, 2006

I don’t know how many of you caught the premiere of this show the other night (Mon.), but Heroes was definitely odd. I’d set the DVR to tape it and watched it last night. I’m not sure what I think about it. I mean the show was interesting in a…trying to figure out what was going on…kind of way. It reminded me of several shows/movies that I’ve seen. There was a bit of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ happening, along with ‘Lost’ and ‘X-men’. It jumped around a lot, but I understand why they shot it that way. I’ve decided to watch it one more time. If it doesn’t draw me in, then I’m going to stop taping it.

Did you all see it? If so, what did you think? They’re repeating the episode several times this week in case you missed its debut. Have you caught any other shows that you thought were worth watching?

16 comments to “Heroes”

  1. TV? *blink blink* Hey, I’m still planning to get shows I haven’t seen from last year on DVD.

  2. Charli, *ggg*

  3. I’m the same as you . I saw it, but it hasn’t hooked me yet. I’ll give it one more show. Another show I watched that didn’t hook me was 6Degrees. I fell asleep half way through . *blush* I’m completely hooked on Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip though. *grin* And Shark, with James Woods.

  4. Sasha, That’s all I’m giving it too. If Heroes hasn’t grabbed me by next week, then I’m wiping it from the record list. I haven’t watched 6 Degrees, Sunset Strip, or Shark yet. Probably won’t watch 6 Degrees if you fell asleep during it. *ggg* My mom told me Shark was really good, so I’m going to tape it this week.

  5. Personally, I loved Heros, I’m really excited to see how the plot developes. It actually sucked me and my husband in right away.

    We are the “can we predict the plot” story people, and until it gets overly predictable, we’ll probably watch it.

    We watch very little on regular television as far as TV series go. Bones, (cuz we both just love David Bor… The dude who played Angel) and House are really the only two other shows on television that we try to watch.

    And considering we’re both comic book fans, this one intrigued us from the first commercial last spring.

  6. Candice, If you’re big into comics, I can see why it sucked you in. It definitely has the whole comic book feel going for it. 🙂

  7. I had the same experience, didn’t hook me. It really lacked dramatic tension, as far as I’m concerned. I liked 6 Degrees, but I’ll only watch it again, if I happen to be surfing by.

  8. Jaq, You’re right about the dramatic tension. I also think the pacing was off.

  9. I didn’t catch it, but I think I’ll wait to hear what you think after your second try before I give it a go 🙂

  10. I got into Jericho. I’m going to watch it tonight to see if it sticks or not…

    The only show I’m faithful to is CSI: Vegas.

  11. Tina, If you’re interested in it, I think you should probably watch the next episode. It seems like the kind of show that will lose you pretty quick. It reminds me of LOST in that respect.

  12. Vivi, I didn’t catch that show, but I thought the premise was interesting. Let me know how tonight’s episode goes. I have so much taping that I doubt I can watch it.

  13. Apparently I wrote a comment (yesterday) and forgot to post it!

    BTW JOrdan tonight Supernatural! Yehaw!

    Sasha SHARK rocks!!!!!

    I’m totally miffed I missed Heros but hopefully they’ll repeat it this weekend like they did Smith and Jerricho (which I love) last SAturday

  14. Cece, I didn’t realize Jericho was on last night. Sigh. I was taping Bones. I’m all set to tape Supernatural tonight. YAH!!! I’m also taping Shark so that I can see what everyone is talking about. 🙂

  15. I’m with you all on SUPERNATURAL!! WHo Hoo! I can’t wait for it. *grin*

  16. Sasha, I’m so excited. 😀