September 30th, 2006

I glommed this link from Jaq’s site. I think number eight answers the question about how aware editors are of what’s being said on the web about them. :-O

In other news, can you friggin’ believe it’s October??? :-/ Where has the year gone?

8 comments to “Thieving”

  1. Thanks for the link! 🙂

    As for October… eeeeek. Tell me about it. It feels like it should still be early summer, not fall! Meer!

  2. and we’re celebrating with a heat wave =(

  3. Nonny, You’re welcome. 🙂 I know, I can’t believe it’s fall. :-O

  4. Cece, Us too. 🙁

  5. Okay…I often wondered if editors did that sort of thing…interesting, considering how busy they are.

    Good thing I’ve never said anything foolish on the loops.


  6. Raine, I always figured that they did or had people who looked for them. You take your career into your hands when you start trashing a line or an editor online. Personally, I like Brenda Chin and Kathryn Lye, whether they choose to buy my book from me or not. Same goes for Anna Genoese and Monique Patterson. One has nothing to do with the other.

  7. Interesting news on H. lines returning to more romance centered. October; eeee! OK, well, you know where I’ll be all month. At my desk.

  8. You and me both Charli. You and me both. 🙂