October 29th, 2006
Mentally Gearing Up

The weekend has been fairly quiet on the home front. Dh spoke at a day-long conference on Sat. and rocked the house. (He’s a really good presenter.) I spent Sat. watching the monster movie marathon. I LOVE old monster movies. 🙂 The folks return tomorrow for a couple of days, then they head back home to Scotland. It’s been great having them. It’ll be our turn to visit next year.

I’m trying to figure out what I need to do in preparation for my unofficial NaNo. I need to write 252 pages by the end of November to complete the first draft of my urban fantasy. That works out to be about 8 pages a day. Not bad, considering I can write extra and take a few days off. I’m thinking that I need to go back over my three act structure. I currently have the book laid out with one sentence prompts from start to finish. I may need to flesh them out a bit to make it easier to write the book. The more detailed they are the faster I’ll be able to write. I also think I need to ask the heroine and the hero to tell me the story from start to finish. The he said/she said will fill in any shadow areas. Yep, I’m thinking that’s what I need to do. Joy, Joy, Joy. Time to open up a vein. *ggg*

10 comments to “Mentally Gearing Up”

  1. Ah, yes–the vein opening, lol! I often do mine with a little ritualistic ceremony…something involving a good, stiff swig.

    But sounds like you’ve got everything pretty well organized, lady. 😉

  2. I’m typing in my notes (I can’t read half of them LOL) for my NaNo WIP. I plan to fill in the shadows during NaNo or during revisions. I like this idea and don’t want to lose it to “I feel like I’ve already written it because I’ve outlined it in so much detail.”

    Have fun and take an iron supplement because you’ll be losing so much blood. LOL.

  3. Raine, LOL! Sounds like a good ritual. I don’t have things organized yet, but they will be by the first. 🙂

  4. May, I fill in as many details as possible because it makes me write faster. It’s not the same as editing. I’ll do that once I’m finished with the draft and have let it sit for a while. I will make sure I get that iron tablet. 😉 I’m off to remind myself once again that this draft CAN and WILL suck. 😀 *ggg*

  5. Having more details is like a to-do list for me. Too many on the list makes me stress out. Does the first draft just suck…or is it sucking blood? Better remember that iron supplement, LOL.

  6. I’m not realy doing Nano since I already started the book but I’ve got just about as much to write as you do *sigh*

  7. May, First drafts always suck!!! And every author I know bleeds to produce them. *ggg*

  8. Cece, I’m doing NaNo with a twist. I’m taking what I have written and plan to finish the book via NaNo.

  9. I’m about to start in on revisions after finishing my WIP with Candy Havens’ Fast Draft. I’m sort of looking forward to it, sort of dreading it. I feel like I’m on the verge of potential greatness and at the same time, terrified that I’ll drop the ball and end up doing revisions for-ever…

    Good luck with your pages!

  10. Alyssa, Is Candy the person who does the First Draft in 30 days? Good luck with the edits. 😀 Keep up the greatness mindset. 🙂