November 25th, 2006
Rolling Along

I’m about to do my Japanese lesson now that I’ve finished working for the day. I re-read my chapters and tweaked a few things before moving onto chapter four. I may actually end it in a different spot, since I like this one sentence so much. It depends on how much I can add to the pages I have. Right now, I’m only sitting at ten pages, if I cut the original chapter. That’s a little on the short side. But I don’t know if that’ll stop me. *g*

I still can’t believe that Thanksgiving is over and we’re heading for December like a runaway Mack truck. My nephew turns two on Dec. 1st and I still haven’t ordered him a gift. Bad Aunt. Bad. Bad Aunt. 🙁

I plan to spend the rest of the weekend working. Shocker, I know. I need to get caught up by Monday. I want to write forward. I really hope this book is good because I am bleeding big, fat, crimson drops for it. There couldn’t be much more blood without a body present. I am a little worried that I may freak out my agent. :-/ I’m already freaking out my critique partners. Always a good sign. NOT! *g*

4 comments to “Rolling Along”

  1. I don’t know about you, but I really can’t tell how good something is when I’m writing it. Bad time to judge. Just keep going!

  2. Charli, I don’t think the writing is bad, but it’s certainly different than anything I’ve produced thus far. I must be going through another ‘writerly’ metamorphosis. That’s been happening a lot this year.*ggg*

  3. Lol, looks like I’ve to find a different category on my blogroll for you, ‘Love Forever True’ doesn’t seem to fit any longer. *grin*

  4. LOL Gabriele! Yeah, you may want to look into changing that. *wg*