December 20th, 2006
The Weather Outside is Frightful

Well, not really, but it is chilly. I had to actually don a coat and gloves to go out last night. Made me feel like it was finally Christmas. We also managed to get the tree and stockings up last night. Yah! Better late than never.

I’ve spent the last few weeks wrestling more with the urban fantasy. Most ideas come to me as I’m falling asleep. Last night was no exception, but there was a catch. Instead of coming up with ways to ‘fix’ the problems in the current manuscript, I started ‘hearing’ the opening to the sequel. SEQUEL. WTF??? :-O Pretty nifty trick, considering I haven’t finished this book yet. Sigh.

Has this ever happened to you?

18 comments to “The Weather Outside is Frightful”

  1. Every day Jordan. Every flippin’ day!!

    The last few nights-early mornings I’ve spent writing down scenes for a romantic/drama screenplay that won’t leave me alone. Every time I go to close my eyes to go to sleep, another powerful scene pops into my head…so up I get to write the blasted thing down.

  2. Yes it has. Those are the times I have to rein in my thoughts and focus, otherwise I’ll have scraps of different manuscripts started and won’t make any real progress on any one of them. The good news is that when I get ahead of myself that way, with my thoughts drifting toward the sequel, it usually means I’m fairly excited and satisfied with the story I’m working on.

  3. Vivi, I normally have those moments, but they tend to work on the present WIP. Good for you for getting up. I didn’t because it took me a while to figure out that it was a different book. (shaking head)

  4. Daisy, I LOVE the story I’m working on. I just HATE the progress I’m making. *g*

  5. GAwd I hate it when that happens!

  6. Amie, This is the first time it’s happened to me. I mean I’ve gotten general story ideas beforehand, but not normally scenes. It’s probably because I know how this book is going to end.

  7. Write whats in your head, even if you have to leave off editing prior work. Visions of new characters or plots, awake or asleep, will carry over creatively, making it easier to write or edit present works. The real payoff comes when you realize you have fifty pages of a brand new novel, and you didnt even break a sweat. 🙂

  8. Great point, Bernard. That would be a nice way to jump start things. 🙂

  9. Yup.

    And durn it, the sequel actually seemed BETTER–but it was contingent on the events of the first novel.


  10. You mean it’s never happened to you before? Maybe it’ll just spur you on to finish the first book really fast. Plus, you know, if you want to write the next book, the first book’s probably pretty good too.

  11. Raine, So is mine. Everything boils down to what happens in the first novel, since the second one starts out two weeks later. Sigh.

  12. May, No, it hasn’t really happened to me before. I don’t tend to get ideas for the next book until I’m done with the current WIP. I have gotten ideas for other books when I’m working on a novel, but they tend to be no relation to the present story. I write them down, then get right back to work. I can’t afford the distraction. I hope it does spur me on to finish the first book. I truly cannot wait to see the backside of this thing. *ggg*

  13. sounds like a good sign! Stick that scene away to come back to when you finish book 1. I tend to write out of order, so bits of another book in the same series showing up would make perfect sense to me. *g*

  14. Charli, LOL! I can barely keep one story straight, much less a couple. *ggg*

  15. If hte second one starts two weeks later, maybe what’s going on will help with book one?!?!

  16. Amie, You’d think, but I actually don’t think that’s the case, since the problems I’m having do not concern the storyline. What I keep hearing is definitely the continuation. I may write it down, if it keeps talking to me, but I’m not going to get too into the second book, when I haven’t managed to finish the first book yet.

  17. Happens to me with every book! *laughs*. Which is why I’m making my agent crazy, because I keep writing sequels in the same series, and she’d like me to try something new to branch myself out.

  18. Jeaniene, LOL! I haven’t been with my agent long enough for her to know all my little ‘quirks’ yet. *g* Good luck breaking away from the sequels. 🙂