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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
Pretty Boring

I was looking back over my last few entries. Talk about boring. Sadly, that won’t be changing anytime soon because once I finish this book I’ll have to start/finish plotting (and writing) my next Tor book. I have really mixed feelings about this. I’m happy because I am finally writing in the genre I’ve been wanting to write in. And I’m sad, because something has to give and it’ll probably be regular blogging. Sigh. This business is such feast or famine.

I did manage to watch Harry Dresden last night. I actually quite enjoyed it. I understand what everyone was talking about when they said it was still finding its feet. Even so, I thought they did a pretty good job of capturing the character. I would’ve liked the duster, but then again, I really like dusters. 🙂 I’ll definitely tape future episodes.

I’ve been watching this weird reality show called the Warriors of Wall Street. It’s strangely addictive. It definitely gives you a behind the scenes look at the people who work on Wall Street. I liken a lot of the personalities involved to professional gamblers. They’re addicted to the ‘win’. Instead of the clang, clang, clang of slot machines, they have giant computer screens with different colored numbers. Sure, there is a HUGE level of greed, but you do come to appreciate what goes into doing the job. Personally, I’m not sure I could hang with it…without medication. *g* But bully for them. 🙂

What have you seen lately on TV that has caught your attention?


I didn’t make twenty pages tonight, but I did manage fifteen. Not bad considering I started after six and finished at ten thirty ‘ish’. Still lots to write, but like I said yesterday, it’s getting harder since I’m down to the last few chapters. At this point, I hope the book makes sense in the end. Excuse me while I go beat my internal editor back into submission.

Monday, January 22nd, 2007
Just Got Back

I just finished my two mile walk. I’m going to jump in the shower and then start my Fast Draft day. Yes, I know it’s late, but this seems to be my daily writing routine as of late. I don’t start until three at the earliest, then I write until six or so, take a dinner break, then get right back to it until I reach my goal. I’ll update you on my progress later.

On a completely separate line of thought, I taped the Dresden Files last night. Haven’t had a chance to watch it. If you caught the show, what did you think?


Well I reached another twenty, but it may slow down after this. I’m getting down to the last few chapters of the book. That’s both good and bad. It’s good because I’m almost finished. It’s bad because I can’t write as fast as I have the last couple of days. I have to keep checking (since I’m jumping around) to see if certain things have happened yet. I may have to go back to chronological order. Oh well, it’ll be worth it because I’m almost DONE! Thank you Candace Havens!

Sunday, January 21st, 2007
Blew My Great Streak

I didn’t manage to get any pages written yesterday. Went shopping instead. Yeah, I know that’s not an excuse. I could’ve worked on the manuscript when I returned, but I didn’t. I had other things on my mind. Things that have haunted me for years. No, I haven’t come up with any solutions other than I need to make up for my ‘mini-break’. I did manage 17 pages on Friday. Like I said, must pick up the slack today. If you’ve done anything cool and groovy this weekend, I’d love to hear about it. That way I can live vicariously through you. 🙂


I didn’t quite make up for missing yesterday, but I did hit twenty pages today. I’m now sitting at page 195. My ‘guesstimate’ is that I have about 130 pages left to write to complete a rough draft. Why so few pages? Because I know I’ll be filling the gaps and painting in the layers over the next two months. That will take care of the page count quickly. 🙂 I know I haven’t reached my goal yet, but you guys have no idea how relieved I am right now. This exercise (Fast Draft) is just what I needed. I’ll do a full write up on my experience when I finish on the 31st. (Or sooner if I manage to get these pages down.) YAH!!!

Friday, January 19th, 2007
You’ll Find Me at RTB

Today was day two (for me) of the Fast Draft class. I must say that before I began I was quite skeptical of the claim that you could complete 280 pages in fourteen days. I’m not quite on track to match that page count, but I’m not far off. Wednesday, I managed to put down 18 pages of notes into my WIP. Thursday, finished out with a strong 14. It’s only the beginning of day three and I can’t wait to jump in there and see what I can accomplish. I have to say that if nothing else, Fast Draft does wonders for building momentum. I will tuck this lesson into my bag of tricks for whenever I need to pull a rabbit out of my hat. Hell, I may just start writing this way for good. It certainly beats the ol’ stare at a blank screen thing. For those of you who are participating in Fast Draft, how’s the progress coming along?

For something more interesting, you can find me here.

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
Great Class That I Wish I Could Take

If you’re like me, you fight with every synopsis you attempt to write. I come out bruised half the time and that’s after only two and a half pages. 🙁 If I wasn’t going to be in Japan for part of the time, I’d definitely take this class. 🙂 So check it out if you need help with synopsis writing. And really, don’t we all need help in that area?

If youve ever wrung your hands over writing a synopsis, heres a hint: try pretending its an ad. An advertising copywriter for 25 years, Laurie Schnebly Campbell presents techniques of making people want to buy your product whether its a mansion, a masque or a manuscript.
This month-long series of email lectures includes homework assignments to sharpen your skills. Some people chat about their work and ask questions, others do the work but stay quiet, and some print emails off the website to read at leisureso its just a matter of what works best for you. Registration is $25 at


Thurs 2/1 Introduction (you’re not alone)

Mon 2/5 Advertising (name a good ad)

Wed 2/7 Target Market (identify your own)

Fri 2/9 Know Your Product (characters)

Mon 2/12 Unique Selling Points (first worksheet)

Wed 2/14 Condensing USPs (Unique Selling Points)

Fri 2/16 Summary/Opening (second worksheet)

Mon 2/19 Attracting Interest (vote like an editor)

Wed 2/21 Just The Beginning (name a bad ad)

Fri 2/23 Brainstorming (third worksheet)

Mon 2/26 Strategy (last worksheet of the class!)

Tue 2/27 Your Synopsis (outline; no homework)

Wed 2/28 Format & More (Q&A and door prizes)

From past workshop participants:

What a fresh, but extremely logical, approach to writing a synopsis!
JoAnn Weatherly

Please keep me informed of any upcoming opportunities to hear you speak on anything. Linda Lael Miller

A fellow author has been raving about [your worksheets]. She said they worked so well that she plotted an entire book in 2 1/2 days. Deb Cowan

I’ve finished the edits for the Blaze. YAH!!! I’m going to print out another copy and mail it off tomorrow. I still have to write (rewrite) my RTB entry and work on my Fast Draft. The fun never ends. *ggg* What are you doing this week?

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
Forgive the Absence

I had a whopper busy weekend. On Friday, I edited 200 pages. Saturday, I began to read through the pages that I edited. (Still doing that now. Halfway through and counting.) We went to a concert Saturday night called Video Games Live. It was a combo choir, orchestra and visual entertainment show based on the music from video games. (Don’t laugh. It was terrific.) For those of you who don’t play, the music in video games has been getting better and better. We’re talking movie level scores. It was a wonderful show. I’m glad dh talked me into going.

We left Sunday morning for the Kitt Peak Observatory. The night was spent staring at quasars, galaxies, Saturn, and various suns in 9 degree weather. It was beyond beautiful and the coldest I think I’ve ever been in my life. Our guide, Kevin is currently putting together a CD of our photos. As soon as I get them, I’ll post some of the pictures here. If you guys ever get a chance to spend the night at an observatory, jump on it. And remember to dress for the Artic if it’s in the winter. *wg*

I’m currently reading through the last half of the Blaze edits. I’m behind in the Fast Draft. I plan to remedy that tomorrow. Instead of ending on the 29th, like everyone who started on Monday, I’m going to write through to the 31st. I want to make sure I get the full 14 days. I also have a RTB entry due on Friday. :-/ So if I’m scarce, you know why.

Friday, January 12th, 2007
And The Winner Is Ember

EMBER, come on down. You are the next contestant on the… Oh forget it, just send me your address. 🙂 Congratulations!!!

I edited 200+ pages of my Blaze yesterday. I have 80 something left to go. YAH!!! I’m going to finish editing those today and start reading the manuscript from the beginning so that it can go out to Harlequin next week.

I’ve decided to participate in Candace Havens’ Fast Draft. It starts on Monday, but I’m going to start on Tuesday. (long unimportant story) The goal is to write 280 pages in 14 days. Yep, you read that right…280 pages. Yikes! I plan to work on the urban fantasy, since I don’t have that many pages needed to complete it. The class is pretty much down and dirty writing. They expect 20 pages a day any way that you can get them. Yeah, this one is going to leave a mark. *ggg* Actually, I’ll be extremely pleased if I can have a rough draft finished before I leave for Japan. It would be such a relief to check off the boxes for the urban fantasy and the Blaze. I’d certainly enjoy my vacation more. 🙂

Speaking of vacations, or at least mental ones, there are SO many books coming out in the next few months that I want to read. Here’s my ‘short’ list: Karen Chance’s Claimed by Shadow, Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Rising, J.R. Ward’s Lover Reveled, Vicki Pettersson’s The Scent of Shadows and the Taste of Night, Lara Adrian’s Kiss of Midnight, Richelle Mead’s Succubus Blues, Joe Hill’s Heart-shaped Box, Rob Thurman’s Moonshine, Wild Thing anthology, and the On the Prowl anthology with Patricia Briggs et al. I know the last one won’t be out for a while, but OMG have you seen the authors in that thing. Seriously OMG! I’m drooling.

What is your ONE must buy book this year?