January 31st, 2007
Ten The Hard Way

Today is my mom and dad’s anniversary. Happy Anniversary!!! SMAK! Love you both.

I decided to try something a little different to get the last ten pages I wanted out of Fast Draft. In my TOR book RED, I wrote in first person POV and third person POV. I’d never written in first person prior to that book.

For my urban fantasy, I wanted to attempt something new, so in four small scenes I wrote in omnisicent POV. I’ll have to read them to make sure they work with the rest of the book, but I quite enjoyed playing with that point of view. And I think the scenes rock. My dh said they’re very scary. How cool is that?! One hundred and seventy-seven pages slam-dunked.

Now that the rough draft of my urban fantasy is finished, I’ve been thinking about what comes next. I mean I have to eventually edit this book and get it ready to send out. (The first hundred pages are in pretty good shape already.) I also have to get started on my next book/s for Tor. Luckily, ideas for those books have been coming to me in blips, while I’ve been participating in Fast Draft. The question is what’s next after all that? The answer is I don’t know. :-O

4 comments to “Ten The Hard Way”

  1. Glad you’ve got ideas cooking for your follow-up to Red! I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do after by the time you get there. *g*

  2. I have confidence that you’ll figure it out.

    The book sounds good.

  3. Charli, I sure hope so. I was thinking more along the lines of career planning than anything else. 🙂 Must go back to PBW’s career planning blog entry and get more ideas. 😀

  4. Thanks Bailey! It was fun writing those murder scenes. Not sure what that says about me.