February 16th, 2007
Jordan’s Tokyo Crib Part 2: The Nighttime Edition

View from the Tub. Who needs frosted glass when you’re 38 floors up? 🙂

DH apologizes for shaky video, this was done with the video mode of our still camera, which takes better pictures than video 🙂

10 comments to “Jordan’s Tokyo Crib Part 2: The Nighttime Edition”

  1. Amazing, amazing, incredible. Thank you so much for sharing the view.

  2. Charli, I wish I could pack this bathroom and bring it home with me. LOL!

  3. Me…drooling…WOWSA! Can you take it home with you? It’s totally cool. Very sleek.

  4. Ursula, You and me both. 🙂

  5. Oh. my. Gawd. I’m speechless, (especially as I’m in the middle of planning a bathroom reno which is *nowhere near* the scope of that bit of sweetness.) Just spectacular, inside and out.

  6. Awesome Jordan! Have you two sat in the tub yet and enjoyed the view together???? LOL, not that I want all the details….

  7. Jaq, If I could figure out how to pack the bathroom and bring it with me, I would. *g* We were speechless when we walked into the room.

  8. Vivi, We didn’t share it, but it was certainly big enough. Dh camped out in the shower, which had three different shower-heads in it. *ggg* He’s very sad that we can’t keep them. (wg)

  9. Extra-sweet hotel vids.

  10. Thanks Camille. 🙂