March 27th, 2007
Hodge Podge

First I’d like to tell you about an opportunity my agent just presented on her blog. If you are a Golden Heart finalist (non-inspirational), my agent, Jenny Rappaport is sending out an open invitation for you to send her an email about your work. You can see full details at the bottom of the link that I provided above. Good luck! 🙂

I’ve been really pleased with the last two Supernatural episodes. They seem to be back in the groove writing-wise. I hope they continue. It’s been nice, even if the episodes were a little sad. Speaking of getting better, Blood Ties seems to be finding its feet. This week the dialogue hummed and the characters seemed to be blending a bit more. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. Although, in my heart of hearts, I think Vicki belongs with Henry. *ggg*

The last thing I’d like to discuss is the response I received from the ‘Ignored Authors’ post. I liked doing that entry so much, I think I’m going to make it a regular fixture on my blog. There are a lot of really good authors out there who don’t get near the attention that they deserve.

Tonight Christine Feehan is speaking at one of the local RWA meetings. I LOVE her work, but I’m just not sure that I’m up to sitting in traffic for forty-five minutes to an hour to go to the meeting. Yes, I know. I’m lazy.

6 comments to “Hodge Podge”

  1. I am so enamored of Henry on Blood Ties that it’s embarrassing! If I were Vicki, I’d…(X-rated fantasy deleted due to this being a public blog 😉

    Whew! *grin* What we were talking about again??

  2. Jeaniene, I hear you. It’s truly no contest. Sigh. Drool.

  3. I haven’t watched SUPERNATURAL this season, but I’m loving the sexual tension on BLOOD TIES. I’m with you and Jeaniene…Henry is a babe.

  4. Julie, The last two episodes of Supernatural have rocked. Really good. Heart-tugging stories. Particularly this last one. That was some fine acting. 🙂 That’s three votes for Henry. I think majority rules. 😉

  5. ‘…I’m just not sure that I’m up to sitting in traffic for forty-five minutes to an hour to go to the meeting. Yes, I know. I’m lazy.’

    Nope, just human. I wouldn’t spend forty-five minutes in traffic for anything short of the Second Coming. 🙂

  6. Bernard, LOL! I guess I just remember when I’d jump in the car, sit in L.A. traffic for an hour and a half, and never think anything of it. *g*