March 24th, 2007
Ignored Authors

I suppose ignored is a rather harsh word to use, but I can’t think of any other way to describe good authors who should be receiving more recognition.

I’d like to start with Eileen Wilks. I’ve talked about her work a few times. Told you how terrific she writes, but I’m still not sure she’s receiving the amount of attention that she should be garnering. This woman has released an amazing book, Blood Lines. Yes, it’s paranormal. Yes, it’s part of a series. And neither of those items should stop you from running out and grabbing her work. Eileen has a way with characterization that draws you into a story immediately. Her worlds are RICH with characters who come to life on the pages. She makes you believe that you are walking beside her heroines. And Rule Turner is simply YUM, whether he’s walking on two legs or four.

Next up is Jill Shalvis. I’m rather new to Jill’s work. I happened to read one of her novellas for a RITA award competition a few years back. She bowled me over with her witty dialogue and scorching sexual tension. I honestly thought it was the best story in the entire anthology, which is saying something considering who her company was in the novel. The characters in her books are well drawn and flirty. You believe that they fall in love by the time you reach the end. She has a new book out now called Smart and Sexy. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet (I will.), but if it’s half as good as her previous work then sit back and prepare to indulge. 🙂

The third author is Michele Albert. I’ve been following Michele Albert, since her days as Michele Jerott. She writes a wonderful combination of suspense and romance. I loved ‘Her Bodyguard’, ‘Absolute Trouble’, and ‘A Great Catch’. Her books, Getting Her Man and Off Limits were both cute and smart. She turned a corner in her writing, when she released One Way Out. The suspense deepened, along with her characterization. Her heroes are always alpha hot and her heroines match them step for step. She has a new book coming out next week called Tough Enough. If you haven’t given her a try before, now is the time.

The final author I’d like to bring to your attention is Gennita Low. There are a lot of things I like about Gennita’s writing. She’s great at combining action/adventure with romantic suspense. And I’m not talking about a girl’s version of action/adventure. Gennita writes with a strong, realistic male bent. When her heroes speak, I believe that ‘real’ men are talking. Don’t think for a minute her heroines are weak. Those women have kicked some serious ass, but again, in a very realistic way. The love scenes are hot, the tension is sizzling and the danger in her books is all too real. If you haven’t given her a try, Gennita is about to come out with a new series. The first book is called Virtually His.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Read their excerpts for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

36 comments to “Ignored Authors”

  1. Good for you for pointing out some really great authors. I often wonder what makes one author’s work ‘take off’ while there are many other really great authors whose books didn’t get near the buzz they should’ve. Was it the time of year their books came out? The competition on the market at that time? If we only knew the magical answer! 🙂

  2. Fantastic list Jordan! Kudos to you for bringing attention to these authors. I too Patrice wonder how some authors are missed…it is likely they released aroudn the same time a phenom did…say like JR Ward. I’ve read some great works by authaors I think should be on the NYT and look at the lists and wonder how the heck such and such a book by another author got there. LOL< it's all subjective isn't it???

  3. I do love Eileen Wilks. It’s a pity the fairy wand’s not touched her yet.

  4. Jill, Michele, and Gennita are all on my auto-buy list. Just love their stuff. I too wish they got more recognition for their great stories.

  5. I’ve read Bloodlines, and the other two in the series. Very good books. Now I talk them up whenever I’m with friends I know will enjoy them (okay, so I thrust the book in their faces and say- read it, you’ll like it).

  6. In the past year since I discovered Eileen Wilks’ work, I’ve been talking her books up on my blog and in person. I think she is an amazing writer and I want to see much, much more from her world.

  7. You know, except for Jill Shalvis these are all authors on my “to check out” list that I just haven’t gotten around to. But I hear a lot about them. (I’m already reading Shalvis!) Thanks for the recommends!

  8. I came by to say and found this, so I’m bowled over and touched. Thank you so much for mentioning me, means a lot!!!

  9. Patrice, ***Was it the time of year their books came out? The competition on the market at that time?***

    I think there are a lot of factors. Release time I’m sure places into it. Publisher backing seems to be the biggest. Has it backfired? Yes, but rarely in the moderate range. I’ve seen several authors launch with a few well-placed ads by the publisher.

  10. Vivi, Yes, it is very subjective. It’s definitely hard to get noticed if you launch against one of the authors who take off or a regular NYT/USA Today Bestseller. I used to think it was all in the advertising, yet I’ve seen authors who don’t advertise at all hit those lists. Basically, I have no idea. *ggg*

  11. May, I think think that day is coming. 🙂

  12. Nicole, I do, too. I think their work is great. And Eileen is terrific. I almost didn’t pick her up after reading an anthology that she was in, but it would’ve been a HUGE mistake.

  13. Ann, Whatever it takes. *ggg*

  14. Angie, Me too. I really like the above authors a LOT. They all make me look like I’m playing with Crayons on a blank page. LOL!

  15. Charli, Oh man, you’ve been missing out. Big time. You have so much to look forward to. 🙂

  16. You’re welcome, Jill. Congrats again on the RITA nomination. 🙂

  17. I wouldn’t say they were ignored, Jill Shalvis is an autobuy for me these days, and I just adore Gennita Low and Michele Albert.

    I haven’t read any of Wilk’s newer stories, especially the paranormal ones, but I used to love her category books.

    I’m more inclined to think it’s because they don’t stir the pot in Romanceland. Out in the real world, I imagine lots of people love their work.

  18. Jill who? *gg*

  19. I think Eileen Wilks is one of the most talented paranormal authors out there and yes, Rule Turner is just, sigh, guh, ooooh!

    And I also totally agree about Gennita Lowe! I can’t wait for VH to come out.

  20. Good choices! I love all of these ladies. Actually started following Eileen after I picked up one of her category romances years ago. Found Michele, Jill and Gennita last year. All fantastic writers. You have great taste 🙂

  21. I keep meaning to try Gennita so if anyone has any recommendations, hollar!

  22. Karen, Do you really think it has anything to do with stirring the pot? Are they low key? Sure, but I don’t hear people buzzing about them. And I don’t think you have to stir things up in order to create a buzz. I do hope you’re right about readers outside of the online community. I think that with Eileen Wilks’ latest book people started to sit up and take notice. I mean I know you’re not really into the paranormal thing, but she does do it well.

  23. Bailey, Sheppard? Sharvis? Shelby? Oh, you know who I’m talking about. 😛

  24. Lauren, I agree. She’s good. Really good. And Gennita’s terrific. But so is Jill and Michele. 🙂

  25. HelenKay, Thanks! 🙂

  26. Amie, One of my favorites is The Hunter. Love, Love, LOVE how the hero and heroine meet in that book. 🙂

  27. You’re right about Jill and Michele, LOL, whoops to me for not mentioning them too.

  28. Jordan,
    Thank you so much for including my name with these great authors! I’m a fan of their books too. See you soon!

  29. Jordan thanks! I’ll check it out–I know Vanessa Jaye loves her too 😀

  30. Eileen and Gennita are auto buys for me. They are putting out really great books! I’ll have to check out Jill and Michele. Thanks for the heads up.

  31. Lauren, *ggg*

  32. Gennita, You’re welcome. 🙂

  33. Amie, I think you’ll really like that book.

  34. Karen, You’re welcome. If you like Eileen and Gennita, you’ll definitely like Michele. Jill’s books are just all around fun romances. She does a great job with the tension in the relationships. They’re always a pleasure to read.

  35. Since it’s apparently part of a series, I got the first one first –I hate reading out of order. And I got Michelle’s new book and Jill’s (which I was going to get anyway LOL) and um a few others *blush*

  36. Amie, No worries on picking up the first book. There isn’t a bad one in the bunch. 🙂 *ggg*