March 31st, 2007
Urban Fantasy Authors

Since the other day we discussed how some writers are slamming urban fantasy, I thought I’d highlight a few authors that I love in the genre.

I’ll start with Patricia Briggs. Patricia has been writing fantasy for a while now, but recently added urban fantasy to her impressive resume. I found her through Paperback Writer. Her first book in her new urban fantasy series is called Moon Called. The story is about a woman named Mercy, who happens to be a shape-shifting auto-mechanic. (Yeah, that’s a little different. Don’t you think?) She recently released the second book in the series, Blood Bound. There are many reasons I like this series (ie terrific world-building, scrumptious heroes, great characterization, etc.), but the main one (beyond having a great heroine) is the fact that Patricia has written the characters so well that you aren’t sure who to root for. I’m not kidding. I love ALL the heroes she’s introduced in these books. It makes it very difficult to choose. And that’s something I’ve NEVER experienced while reading a book. If you haven’t read her work, you are missing out.

The next author is Karen Chance. Karen kind of snuck up on me. When I first started reading Touch the Dark I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the book. I kept reading and about a quarter of the way in the characters grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. She has a new book coming out called Claimed by Shadows. The story is a continuation of the first book, but she’s integrated back story well enough that you should be able to figure out what’s going on if you pick up the second book first.

The third author I’d like to bring to your attention is Rob Thurman. Once again, I found Rob Thurman through Paperback Writer. The first book in her series, Nightlife, introduces us to brothers Cal and Niko. The opening page made the teenage ‘boy’ that’s trapped inside of me stand up and shout. I LOVE the way she wrote the character Cal. The attitude is appropriately juvenile, while capturing the seriousness of the situation in which these characters live. Her books twist and turn, throwing you for a loop. She just came out with the second book in the series, Moonshine.

The next author I’d like to discuss is Carrie Vaughn. I recently read Kitty and the Midnight Hour and was blown away. She created such a believable world that wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, particularly toward the end. I’m still shaken up by what happened. She has two other books (so far) in the series, Kitty Goes to Washington and Kitty Takes a Holiday. These are urban fantasy books at their finest.

Kim Harrison. It’s hard to not hear about her these days and for good reason. Kim has created a terrific witch series that just keeps on getting better and better. With a perfect blend of humor and darkness, Kim leads her heroine, Rachel Morgan from adventure to adventure. The book that started it off was Dead Witch Walking. It launched Kim’s career right onto the NY Times Bestseller list. What can I say? She rocks.

The final author I’d like to bring to your attention is Kelley Armstrong. I was introduced to Kelley through her book, Bitten. Her writing is clean and powerful. She draws you into her stories and doesn’t let you go until she feels like it. By the time the book ends, you feel as if you’ve been bitten*g*

There are several authors coming up that will be added to this list (ie Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Pettersson) and several authors that I like, but didn’t mention (ie Charlaine Harris, old LKH, Tanya Huff). I think I’m beginning to see why the ‘old guard’ is feeling so threatened by the latest group of urban fantasy writers. *wg* Their writing is hot, sassy, fresh…and it sells. 😉 No wonder they think there’s something wrong with it. *ggg*

10 comments to “Urban Fantasy Authors”

  1. Yup, totally agree. I haven’t tried Carrie Vaughn, but after your recommendation I’m going to pick up her first book this week. I’d like to add a couple of mine to that…

    Rachel Caine and her Weather Warden series. This is by far my favorite urban fantasy series. I read her first book Ill Wind and then glommed the rest in a matter of weeks. The heroine is sassy, saucy and kicks ass in so many ways. Rachel has created some amazing characters and a completely involved world that I can believe that WEather Wardens and Djinn exist.

    Jennifer Armintrout tore my throat out with her debut book The Turning. It was razor sharp with flawed and dangerous characters that I felt like slapping and huggign all that the same time. The second book Possession was just as good and interesting.

    And finally, I read Jim Butcher’s first one, and it rocked and I’ll be going back to get the rest of the books I missed.

  2. I love everyone you mentioned! I’ll second Vivi’s mention of Rachel Caine too.

  3. Vivi, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Rachel Caine. I intend to read her first book soon. The only reason I didn’t mention her is because I haven’t read it yet. I have Jennifer’s book in my TBR pile and I love Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books. Great fun. Of course he’s categorized as fantasy, not urban fantasy. No idea why. (shaking head) You will LOVE Kitty and the Midnight Hour.

  4. Lauren, I’ve heard Rachel’s name a lot lately. I think I’m going to have to move her up in my TBR pile. I have to finish Mark del Franco’s Unshapely Things and Ilona Andrews’ Magic Bites first.

  5. I love Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, and Vicki Pettersson. Keep kearing good things about Patricia Briggs, Rob Thurman and Carrie Braun (Note to Self: read faster so you can get their books!), but I hadn’t heard of Karen Chance. I’ll have to check her out too. *sigh* So many good books, so little time…

  6. Jeaniene, I think you’d really like Patricia Briggs and Rob Thurman. I haven’t heard of Carrie Braun, but will look her up. Yes, more reading time would be nice.

  7. Check out new author Ilona Andrews, Magic Bites. I’m reading it now and it reminds of Patricia Briggs.

  8. Thanks Sandy! I picked Ilona up the other day and plan to read Magic Bites once I finish typing in my edits. 😀

  9. I love Carrie Vaughn and the Kitty books. If you enjoyed THE MIDNIGHT HOUR you’ll love the rest. They only get better!!

  10. Sasha, Oh wow! That’s going to be great then. I really loved that first book. 🙂