May 29th, 2007
Playing Chicken With a Cockroach

Last night dh and I went out for our two mile walk. It was warm, but pleasant. We were nearing the spot that we turn around, when I spotted something move on the sidewalk. I wasn’t sure what it was until I got a little closer. Turned out to be cockroach. One of a few actually. We walked past it (and the others), trying to avoid stepping on them.

On the way back, we noticed one of the cockroaches was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk much like the knight in Monty Python. My dh walked up to it and stomped his foot, expecting it to scurry off. His mistake. Apparently, stomping ones foot is tantamount to a challenge. This cockroach advanced on my dh. My dh stomped again, this time closing the distance to mere inches. The cockroach proceded to take a couple of steps forward…and kept coming…and kept coming. I watched, thinking I was in some kind of horror movie, as the cockroach leapt between dh’s slightly parted legs, essentially winning the game of chicken, since dh jumped to get out of its way. (Yes, I know it’s a run-on sentence.;)

Now I don’t know much about bugs once you get out of the ‘fish bait’ category, but I don’t think they’re supposed to act like that. :-O

Final reminder…there are only two days left in the Brenda Novak auction. She’s exactly five thousand dollars away from meeting her goal. In other words, this is your last chance to bid.

16 comments to “Playing Chicken With a Cockroach”

  1. Lol, that sounds like one possessed bug!

  2. Let me tell you, Ava, I’ve NEVER seen a bug behave that way. It was spooky. *ggg*

  3. Even cockroaches don’t leap well after they become part of the sidewalk. 🙂

  4. I know it’s for a great cause, and I’ve bid on a few and lost… :-(, but over 4 thousand to mentor with Brenda…Whoa! That’s amazing.

  5. Bernard, We were so surprised by his behavior that it didn’t occur to us to squish him. *g*

  6. Vivi, Yes, I hear you. I think it’s a cool idea and there are certainly some authors I’d LOVE to get that kind of help from, but I’d never be able to afford it. By the time I could, I probably wouldn’t need their help. 😉

  7. Oh. My. God. I’d be wearing boots up to my chin to go on that walk ….

  8. I live in FL, so Kamikaze Cockroaches aren’t uncommon. Be grateful your ferocious little guy wasn’t one of those flying ones. *shudder* I had one chase me out of a bathroom while dive-bombing my head years ago. I’m still not over the trauma.

  9. Attack cockroaches! Eeeep. I prefer the creatures we encounter walking. Saw two golden eagles this weekend!

  10. I had something similar happen with a wolf spider once. *shudder*

    But you gotta love a kick-ass cockroach–lmao!

  11. Sounds like a Palmetto bug. UGH. They don’t fly *per se* but they do jump/leap, as your hubby found out. UGH. I CAN’T STAND roaches. Ugh. I would have crossed the street. seriously. GAG.

  12. Raine, I’ve seen a wolf spider. They’re supposed to be naturally aggressive. I think it goes with the hair and fangs. 😉 I’ve never seen a cockroach grow a brass pair and purposely charge a human. *ggg*

  13. Jaq, I’m not sure what a Palmetto bug is, but it doesn’t sound pleasant. We were both too stunned to do much of anything. I would’ve been less surprised if he had talked. *ggg*

  14. Jill, LOL! You would be. LOL! I’ve read about your luck with critters. (wg)

  15. Jeaniene, I’m not sure he couldn’t fly. Looked like he had wings to me. :O
    Dh was the one that got the upclose and personal experience. I stood four feet away, gaping. LOL!

  16. Charli, That would be very cool. I admit that I had an X-Files moment. *wg*