June 23rd, 2007
Here’s Hoping This Works

I finished typing in the edits and mailed off RED to Tor last night. No one will get it until Monday, but at least it’s been turned in…all 438 pages of it. YAY! Here’s hoping that they like it.

Found out more good news. My old agent, Ethan Ellenberg sold the rights to my story in Wicked Women on Top to Thailand. Welcome Thailand! I hope to visit you very soon. 🙂

Today I have to finish a critique that I started a couple of weeks ago and get my receipts together for taxes. Yes, taxes. Blech!

Last night I was reading a historical romance and got off on a mental tangent about dialogue. Well, conversation really. I started thinking about the level of skill you needed to traverse the minefield of social standards back in the Regency time period. To be clever and witty, you had to be able to think on your feet. There were no movies, televisions, etc. Everything you did for entertainment (pretty much) revolved around your communication skills. Can you imagine? I mean really think about that for a moment. Done yet? Now think about the skill level of verbal communication today. Pretty sad, eh? I can’t help but think that I would’ve failed miserably at navigating the ‘ton’s’ social waters.

10 comments to “Here’s Hoping This Works”

  1. RED is done and in the mail! Woo-hooooo! Congrats, Jordan. I’m sure TOR will love it. And now it’s one step closer to us readers. 🙂

  2. Beth, Yes, it is. I’m very happy, even if the edits took me longer than I’d anticipated. Sadly, I can’t even blame Anna. It was me doing ALL the tweaking. *ggg* Here’s hoping. 🙂

  3. Hurrah for Thailand! And way to go, getting RED out the door. I have thought about the social skills it would’ve taken to survive. Eeeeee.

  4. I’d like to think that, growing up in that environment, I would’ve become more verbally skilled. Uh-huh. 😉

    I wonder sometimes if we’ll eventually de-evolve into a language of grunts, gestures, remote controls and keyboards, lol. Congrats on Red!

  5. Communication has devolved to the point if writers wrote dialogue today in the manner writers of that age did, it would be considered hopelessly stilted. Our characters must speak in the fiction we write like illiterate boobs, or their speech will not ring true.

    Good luck with ‘Red’. 🙂

  6. Thanks Charli!!! 🙂 Yep, they’re on a level that I can hardly comprehend. :-O

  7. Raine, You’d hope that would be the case.

    You mean we haven’t already??? *ggg* 😉 Thanks! 😀

  8. Bernard, I’m not even talking about writing. I’m talking about verbal sparring on a whole new level. I’m sure you’re right about sounding stilted. Sad really. Thanks!

  9. Man, I’d be in SUCH trouble. I have difficulty keeping the wrong things out of conversation today. I’d either be the scandal of the season, or, hopefully, dubbed an Original. 😉

  10. Ursula, You and me both. The truth (as I see it) often comes pouring out of my mouth at the most inopportune moments. *ggg*