June 22nd, 2007
Something Screwy is happening

You can find me stirring up trouble at Romancing the Blog. I’d put a link, but my blog seems to be screwing up for some reason. Oh, dh…where are you? *ggg*

8 comments to “Something Screwy is happening”

  1. I agree with your premise in the article. It’s not elitist at all to belong to an organization with a criteria for membership. The language has been compromised over the years. What used to be pride in achievement is now deemed elitism.

  2. Bernard, ***What used to be pride in achievement is now deemed elitism.*** You know, I think you’re absolutely right. I think that may be part of the problem. I just don’t know how to fix it. 🙁

  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Jordan, but the fix is common sense and logic. Problem with fix: common sense and logic are also nearly as extinct as literalism in our language. Bearers of common sense and logic are now deemed unrepentant cement-heads. I have been categorized under that title many times. 🙂

  4. Bernard, LOL! I say that the cement-heads should unite. 🙂 *g*

  5. Dontcha hate when your blog goes wonky? Hmm, cement-head tee shirts would be cool…

  6. My wife already has one, Charli. It says, ‘I’m with Cement-head’. 🙂

  7. Charli, Yes, I do. Especially when I can’t figure out what happened to it. :/

  8. Bernard, LOL! I bet she wears it with pride. 😉