June 27th, 2007
Stealing Links

Today, I’m stealing links because I think a lot of the blog posts are interesting and/or funny. The first one comes from Gennita Low. This link is mainly for the ladies. I couldn’t stop cracking up. That said, those guys are definitely easy on the eyes. Yowza! I’d buy whatever they’re selling. Wouldn’t matter if I needed it or not. LOL!

The second link I swiped comes via Chey McCray. It’s still more than apt. Just wish it would’ve come out a couple of weeks ago, before the sh*t hit the fan on the web. I think it’s important that whether you’re blogging or chatting with people (online or in person) that you remember whatever you say ‘can and will be held against you’. The internet (and conferences) give you the impression of intimacy, when it’s actually the farthest thing from it. It takes time to get to know people. And there is a lot of truth in the statement that ‘You can never really know anyone’. All you can do is make your best guess, when it comes to judging someone’s character. The mistake a lot of people make, particularly online, is to buy into that feeling of ‘intimacy’ and spill their guts (or worse, vent about their friends, employers, fellow authors, agents, publishers, editors, etc.). When you are on the internet, you are on stage, whether you like it or not. So be prepared to take a bow or have the giant hook come out and yank you off stage.

I didn’t end up making it to my RWA meeting last night. I had an appt. run overtime and by the time I got home I was zonked. Today, I have to run to the store, then I think I’m going to spend the rest of the time reading…so that I can justify my new purchases to dh. *g*

6 comments to “Stealing Links”

  1. WOW. That link should come with a warning label. Like, “warning, do not drool on your keyboard.” Or, “warning, clicking on this link will cause half an hour of your life to vanish.” *ggg*

  2. I’ve noticed two funny things about people commenting on the Internet. Too many folks are looking to be offended. Secondly, the offended are usually upset over comments they misread, or projected their own meaning into. You’re right, Jordan, not a good mix to insert intimacy into.

  3. Charli, LOL! I know. I couldn’t believe how hot some of those guys were and how smokin’ the ads got. Blush.

  4. Bernard, I agree. I can’t believe how much is read ‘into’ comments. I’ve read some of the ones that people got upset about and thought to myself ‘Did you read the same thing that I did?’. (shaking head)

  5. I can say with the utmost sincerity that I wish I’d read Chey’s words of wisdom about blogging this time last week. Though the subsequent consequences of my uninhibited blogging did wonders for my diet. *wry grin* Who can eat when their stomach’s constantly in knots?

  6. Why doesn’t my living room work like that?

    BTW, I’m stealing the link and sending it on it’s merry way. Too funny.

    And Chey’s blog? Great! Great! Great!