August 27th, 2007
Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse is happening tonight around 3:00am pacific time. I’m hoping that I manage to at least catch some of it. Trying to decide whether to set the alarm or drink more water. Did anyone else catch it?

8 comments to “Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Yes! Dragged the fam out of bed and we all saw it.
    Even the dog.:)

    We had clear skies and the moon was gorgeously dusky orange.

  2. I was up at 3:00 a.m. but didn’t go outside. Not interested in encountering wildlife!

  3. ‘Trying to decide whether to set the alarm or drink more water’


  4. Rebecca, Glad to hear that you dragged the family out to see it. I woke up an hour before it started, then went back to bed. I still managed to wake up when it was in full tilt. We had a cross between orange and blood red. It was beautiful. Definitely know why people freaked back in the day, when something like that happened. Easy to believe in the supernatural, when you see a moon that’s red. 😉

  5. Charli, You should’ve gone outside for just a minute. It would’ve been worth encountering the critters. It was gorgeous.

  6. Bernard, The water worked. 😉 *ggg* Anyway, that’s actually an old native american trick. When they were preparing to make a raid, some of the tribes’ warriors would drink a quantity of water to ensure they got up early enough. (wg)

  7. I missed this one. My biggest “sky-thrill” was seeing a spiral galaxy through a telescope at Kitt Peak. Sounds goofy, but I got a buzz off that for weeks.

  8. Laura, We spent the night at Kitt Peak. It was incredible. 🙂 Can’t wait to go back.