September 26th, 2007
Almost Home

We’re one step closer to being homeowners. A few more hoops to jump through and hopefully, we’ll be there. 🙂

I haven’t managed to start writing yet. I’ve spent the last few days compiling data/definitions/names/descriptions/locations/etc. into a big notebook so that I won’t have to look for the info on my computer. This is truly the most intensive pre-work I’ve ever done for a book. My head is spinning with all the information. Every time I think I’m finished, I find more. Ugh! I sure hope that once I start writing it goes fairly quickly. Now where is that damn muse? *g*

4 comments to “Almost Home”

  1. Woohoo! The house and the book are both coming together for you. : )

  2. Now where is that damn muse?

    Hanging out with mine in a pub in Scotland. He must have heard the word Nano and vanished, like every year. 🙂

  3. Thanks Charli! 🙂

  4. Gabriele, LOL! I knew I should’ve booked that flight. 😉