September 19th, 2007

Today is my anniversary. Dh and I have been married for nine years. I can’t believe it. Seems like just yesterday that we were bright-eyed students doing a little harmless flirting. *g*

It’s been a rather hellish day so far, but I’m not going to let the publishing biz get me down this evening. I’ll catch you all tomorrow.

Til then, here is something for your viewing pleasure from Rachel Vincent’s blog: Funny!

30 comments to “Anniversary”

  1. Happy anniversary! Love the video clip.

  2. “Happy anniversary to you and your guy, happy anniversary to you and your guy, happy . . .” (pant, pant)

    We need to write a song for anniversaries that doesn’t actually use the word anniversary. But all I can think of to substitute is “ball and chain”.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful evening with your guy and this damn machine turned off. And tell Publishing I said to go to hell. 😉

  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY, JoRdAn & HuBbY!! Here’s to nine and ninety more!

  5. Thanks Charli! Yes, the video clip was funny in a sad sort of way. *ggg*

  6. Lynn, Thanks!!! I appreciate the song. 🙂 It doesn’t feel like a ball and chain…thank goodness. I did have the machine off for a little while. *ggg* I think that might work. 😉

  7. Ann, Thank you! 🙂

  8. Vanessa, Love the font. 😉 Thanks!!! 😀

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and Dh!!

  10. Congratulations and happy anniversary!! Sorry you had a bad publishing day but sounds as if you had a terrific personal day. The publishing stuff will work itself out.

  11. Thanks Raine! 😀

  12. HelenKay, Thank you! 🙂 I did have a terrific personal day. It helps balance out the crap. Here’s hoping.

  13. Nine Years? You don’t even have the training wheels off yet. 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy anniversary!

  15. Happy Anniversary, Jordan! I love the training wheels comment, Bernard. LOL! I agree with Helen…the pub stuff will work itself out. But I’m sending positive vibes your way. *ohmnnnnn*

  16. Happy Anniversary! My dude and I have one coming up too, it’s a good time of year.

  17. Happy Anniversary, Jordan! Here’s wishing you and your husband a banner year.

  18. Happy Anni Jordan and DH!!

  19. Bernard, Does the fact that we’ve been together for ten count? 😉

  20. Thanks Shannon! 🙂

  21. Patrice, Thank you! I came into this marriage game late. Decided to play for a while instead. 😉 *wg* Thanks for the good vibes.

  22. Lauren, Thanks! Happy early Anniversary! 🙂

  23. Thanks Jo!!! 😀

  24. Vivi, Thank U! 🙂

  25. Sorry Jordan, my wife didn’t take the training wheels off till we hit twenty together; and then apparently by her account, I retrograded to the point she reinstalled them again after twenty-five. When we shot past thirty, they were so rusty and unreliable, she gave up and threw them away. 🙂

  26. My comment in 25. I hit the button too fast. 🙂

  27. Bernard, LOL! I understand. I have a ways to go then. 😉

  28. No worries, B. 🙂

  29. Happy Belated Anniversary! *throws confetti and brings on the champagne* Here’s to many more years, and may each one of them be full of love and happiness. 🙂

  30. Thanks Tempest! 🙂