September 24th, 2007
Finished-Now Fast Draft Begins

We went to see Resident Evil yesterday. I didn’t think it was as good as the other two. Normally they are kind of fun…in a not much story/big action kind of way. There was something off with this one’s pacing. Bless dh’s heart for sitting through it because I know it’s not his thing.

I also managed to finish charting the second Tor book. It’s currently sitting at 23 chapters, but that will probably change. My guess is it’ll go higher, since I know there are a couple of things that I forgot to put in there. *g* Tomorrow I plan to start Fast Draft, so I will probably be a little scarce on the blog front. The rule during Fast Draft is I only get to blog if I get my chapters finished. (wg) Wish me luck!

For those of you out there who are TV fans, the fall schedule started last night. All this week, the new/old show debut. Should be fun…even though they’ve postponed one of the vampire shows until Jan. 08. New Amsterdam won’t air until then. Grrr… What shows are you looking forward to seeing?

8 comments to “Finished-Now Fast Draft Begins”

  1. Good luck with the Fast Draft. I’m looking forward to Blood Ties coming back on (if it hasn’t been cancelled, I haven’t heard).

  2. Ann, I’m looking forward to Blood Ties, too. It hasn’t been cancelled. I believe it starts on October 12th or 13th. 🙂

  3. I’m waiting for the next two episode DVDs of Psych on Netflix. Netflix is our source for TV. Unless we want to pony up for satellite dish…

    Happy Fast Drafting!

  4. It was a good season. I love Psych. Someone once described it as Scooby Doo with two people playing the part of Scooby and Shaggy. No wonder I love it so much. *ggg*

  5. The final episode of Burn Notice was really good. Psych improved quite a bit this season, and probably requires the most complicated writing on TV to pull off the humor.

  6. Bernard, I loved Burn Notice. I actually missed the first couple of episodes. At some point, I’m going to go back and try to catch them. The next season of that show should be interesting, considering how it ended. As for Psych, I really liked the first season a lot. I thought this latest season was good. I especially like how it ended. My guess is the trick is to keep up with the two leads as they improvise. They’d definitely keep you on your toes. 😉

  7. Jordan, what’s Fast Draft?

  8. Delilah, Fast Draft is a ‘class’ developed by Candace Havens. It’s a way to get your book down on paper as fast as you can. It’s something like a book in a month, but a little more productive. You can find out more info here: