September 27th, 2007
Really Disturbed

I was blog hopping this morning. I know, I shouldn’t be doing that anymore. (And this is one more reason why.) It’s such a hard habit to kick. Sigh. Anyway, I was reading Gennita Low’s entry and the comments that followed. One in particular I found very disturbing. I’ll give you a couple tries to figure out which one. What I’m curious about is how many readers/reviewers out there feel this way? Is that how reviewing a book goes these days? I sure hope not. I find the hostility in that comment frightening. I’m not sure where that anger comes from. Seriously, if anyone knows, please drop me a comment. I know authors aren’t supposed to say anything about bad reviews, but what about when it obviously crosses the line? Does that make any difference? I’m actually really saddened by that comment for a lot of reasons. It’s not just the hate and the name calling. It seems like something much deeper is at work than simple hostility.

More on the subject here. Apparently, that full moon is affecting a lot of people.

24 comments to “Really Disturbed”

  1. I’m not fond of censorship on blog comments, but I’d have deleted that one reply – not only because of the vitriol but because such comments are prone to drag others into defending the victim, and next time you look there’s a nasty war going on. Not worth it, imho.

  2. I agree with Gabriele, always delete the Sock Puppets’ and Trolls’ remarks immediately. I liked Aimee’s comment though,’You’re calling HER a coward when you post as anonymous?!’ That pretty much sums it up.

  3. For the most part, people who read are thoughtful about discussing opinions and points of view. Thankfully.

    I try to spend my online time where even if somebody doesn’t like a book they say why and it isn’t personal. Tell me somebody can’t plot their way out of a paper bag or make fun of the cover or rail about the plot thread that got dropped after 200 pages of buildup and never resolved. I’m good with that.

  4. Not to mention those insults are pretty lame. Anon could learn a few things from a troll on a R.E. Howard-related forum. How about

    ‘You cretinous piece of sissy turd.’ *grin*

    I think they let him stay because his insults are so creative. 🙂

    I should go back to writing. *gg*

  5. Gabriele, I agree. I think I would’ve thought long and hard about deleting that comment. I think Gennita just wanted to be fair to everyone.

  6. Bernard, Yes, Amiee’s comment cracked me up.

  7. Charli, I agree. I don’t mind a deconstruction of what worked and didn’t work for them. That’s fair enough. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be what this particular reader is doing in the ‘reviews’.

  8. Gabriele, Yes, well, I suppose we should consider the source. :/ That’s actually a pretty good insult. I’ve never heard anyone called a sissy turd before. *ggg* It’s almost as fun as asshat. *wg*

  9. Hi Jordan!
    Actually, I didn’t get home till quite late from work and just read those comments a couple of hours ago. I did consider deleting them, but then the person would start calling me a censoring bitch ;-).

    My issue wasn’t with the review itself anyway, so no idea where all that hate came from. Maybe I didn’t state clearly enough in my post that it was the “worse than a pimp” remark that caused me to choke on my coffee.

    I figure I’ll just sleep on it tonight and reply tomorrow. And HEY, I SPENT HOURS looking for a font color to make you happy, so you better visit my blog or I will…I will call you names!


  10. Gennita, If you call me names, I will…I will…stick my tongue out at you. So there. 😉 As for being clear, you were perfectly clear that you were talking about the name calling and not the review. Nothing you said should’ve brought on that kind of hate.

  11. Oh, my. The distinction has been made before between giving a harsh review and making it a personal attack, and most readers/reviewers seem to know the difference. Maybe something there struck a painful personal chord. Dunno.

    Going back to my writing now…

  12. Holy F*&^ is all I can say. Blogging, especially anon blogging has give a bunch of angry people the platform in which to sprout whatever diatribe they wish. It’s free speech at its finest! Unfortunately most people don’t have the decency to watch what they say. It’s a friggin free for all in blogger land.

    And Gennita should delete those commenters. It’s her friggin’ blog, it’s her place, she can stop anyone she damn well wants from sprouting garbage on her blog. That’s like letting someone come to your house with their dirty shoes and letting them put them up on your sparkling clean table just because they are a friggin’ guest.

    Can you tell I’m pissed? Some days I really wish there was a playground to settle some of this shit on.

  13. I haven’t read any books by her but after reading that review and the comments on her blog… I’m ordering her backlist! They sound GREAT.

  14. Raine, That’s why I said the anger seemed deeper, more intense than simple feelings about a book. Good idea. I think I’ll join you. 😉

  15. Vivi, Yes, I’m of the mindset–don’t blog what you wouldn’t say in person.

    Now that’s an idea. A playground to take care of all the bullies. *ggg* My guess is they wouldn’t be so brave in person.

  16. Mandy, Gennita’s romantic suspense books kick butt. I really like them because they cover topics rarely seen in romance. And, her heroes are yummy. *wg*

  17. When I first read the review I agreed with Raine. I also thought. “WOW, something hit a hot button.” But when I read more reviews on that blog, Too many of them seemed to be unnecessarily venomous, and I started to wonder if the blogger was just a very very angry person. Or if they were maybe trying to get attention by being so mean. The reference in one review to Mrs. Giggles made me wonder. Of course, she also called Mrs.G “small minded” so that speaks of anger there too, doesn’t it?

    ANyway, Vivi, if we ever get on a playground together, I want you on my side. *grin*

  18. Sasha, I thought the same thing after reading several of the ‘reviews’. There are a lot of anger issues there. It’s scary.

  19. Well you know, it’s one thing to not like my books, that’s your right and to talk about it is fine. It’s what people do. Authors know this and most of us deal with that.

    But this was so much more than that. To personally attack, with so much hatred and bile, an author for writing something you admittedly didn’t even finish, seems a complete and total overreaction.

    I don’t know, Jenn is a total sweetie and her books kick butt. In fact, The Hunter is my favorite of her titles and Hawk, well wow. I like books that tackle big issues and if I didn’t I’m pretty sure I was raised well enough to say so without calling the author a pimp or a bitch. But well, I was raised right.

    As for anonymous attacks? Dude if you call me a bitch in my living room, you’ll find out just how right you are. PS I heart you, Vivi.

  20. Lauren, I agree completely. 🙂

  21. Is it full moon time? That would explain a lot…

  22. Charli, No kidding. There is a lot of howling going on. *g*

  23. Oh, please. Like I’m going to pay any attention to so-called reviews at a site with a tag line that says: “Why do I spend money on and read basically crap?”

  24. Michele, Yes, that was a tip off right there. *ggg* I think she was going for the Mrs. Giggles approach and failed miserably. Sad really.