October 30th, 2007
30 Days of Night

Although I’ve seen the graphic novel for 30 Days of Night, I haven’t read it. I have read several other books by Steve Niles. Quite enjoy him actually. I did read the novel, but the movie was a bit different from that story. Contrary to some of the online complaints that I’d heard, I didn’t think that the casting was bad. I actually thought it worked. What didn’t work IMO was the story.

For those of you not familiar with 30 Days of Night, it’s a story about a small town in Alaska that goes dark for thirty days every winter. The town is Barrow. Nothing special about this town other than the darkness. Unfortunately, during the start of the 30 days, vampires arrive via a tanker ship. I’m not even sure vampires are mentioned until the end of the movie (if at all), which I found a little odd. Now I’m not saying in those circumstances that I would immediately jump to a supernatural conclusion, but I’m pretty sure after I saw a half dozen people getting drained that the word vampire would cross my mind. HELLO!

Then there was the part of the movie where the people were supposed to be hiding and they’re turning on flashlights. I did mention that it was dark, right? Nothing like a spotlight to tell the ‘whatevertheyare’ where you’re hiding. Grr… I’d like to say that the movie was cliched and had the women doing this, but it was the men who kept turning on the flashlights. Also, as a general rule, when someone tells you to run for your life, it’s kind of important that you…oh, I don’t know…RUN! Standing there thinking about it isn’t really part of the ‘survival’ equation.

The sad thing is I really thought they had a good set of characters. They could’ve done so much with them, but they didn’t. Instead it was an hour and forty-five minutes of watching vampires screaming like dinosaurs and leaping on people. Think Jurassic Park raptors with less personality. 🙁

10 comments to “30 Days of Night”

  1. Bummer. Scratch one movie I was curious about…

    I know people do dumb things. Goodness knows I’ve done a ton. But why do they seem so exaggerated in these kind of movies? Is it just to make the audience feel more superior as they’re watching from relative safety?

  2. Sigh. Well, at least your review was funny. Jurassic Park raptor vamps! Sounds like a huge lack of conflict.

  3. The comic series 30 Days of Night was pretty good; but just as you described the movie, most everyone died like sheep at the slaughter. Your review makes me think they should have left Barrow in the comic books. Thanks for the critique Jordan.

  4. That’s one of those movies I’ll wait till they come on DVD.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. I had been interested in seeing this because I love horror movies and I love Josh Harnett. But my roommate’s brother saw it last weekend and told us it was total crap so I’m not going to bother. Though it’ll probably be one of those I end up watching a thousand times when it starts showing up on TNT or TBS.

  6. Raine, I was looking so forward to this movie. They dropped the ball on so many fronts. Another problem that I noticed was that it seemed like a lot of stuff was edited out in the final cut, so you had all these threads going in various directions that led to nowhere. I don’t know why they had people doing dumb things. There were things that they did that I thought worked in the sense of a ‘dumb, but understandable move’. Then there were things like the flashlights that just screamed kill me now because I’m too dumb to run or stay hidden.

  7. Charli, The entire conflict in this movie revolved around the lead characters being separated and not working on saving their marriage. That was it. Done. Finito. Keep in mind in the book that these two characters were madly in love. Nothing about the vampires is explained. They come in a mystery and leave a mystery.

  8. Bernard, I’m sure the comic was good. I really like Steve Niles’ work. Actually, if that’s how the comic played out, then they followed it to the letter. No conflict, just a bunch of slaughtering. I’d have been fine with that if there was a larger story attached to the carnage. There wasn’t.

  9. Tempest, Definitely a rental if you have to see it. Happy Halloween to you too. 🙂

  10. Samantha, I tend to watch bad monster movies repeatedly too. I’m not sure this will be one of them. I like my stories to at least have a little story to them. And it’s sad because I truly LOVE vampire movies. I wish that they would’ve followed the novel. There would’ve been a whole lot more story involved had they done that.