October 26th, 2007
Plan? What plan? There is no plan.

Well we received news that the house will close on December 5th. Yay! It’ll be a busy and beyond stressful time since we have a family visit planned in the midst of the chaos. Pray for me and send tranquillizers. *ggg*

I’ve discussed writing plans a few times on my blog. Mainly it was in the terms of me not having one. That really hasn’t changed. At least as far as having a ‘written’ plan goes. I do however have a much better idea of what I want out of my writing career and the direction I’d like to move in. I suppose I should thank the powers that be for that much of a clue. *wg*

I know a lot of authors who write down their five year plan. And I agree that it’s much easier to reach a goal if you have some idea what that goal is in the first place. That said, my writing and what I’d like to do with it has changed so much over the last couple of years that any plan I would’ve had is now obsolete.

Do I think you should throw out your writing plans, if you have them? No, I do think they help you focus your energies. I just know for me personally I’ve had to figure out where my writing was going before I could make any sort of realistic stab at a ‘plan’. And that’s only happened in the last couple of years.

Also, looking back at the way my writing career has unfolded, I wouldn’t have been able to plan for the majority of it. I started in the ebook world. (This I planned.) I won a contest, which led to my first N.Y. published book. (This I didn’t plan (beyond entering the contest).) I submitted another book for a contest and won. (Again, didn’t plan that.) I queried an editor that I knew and received a request for a full. (Hoped that would happen, but certainly didn’t plan it.) Are you seeing a pattern here? All the plans in the world wouldn’t have aided the majority of my journey. In fact, the way I figure it, the only thing/s I can plan is the type of books that I want to write. That’s it. Everything else appears to be a crapshoot.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have you laid out plans that have logically progressed and achieved the outcome you’d hoped for? Just curious. 🙂

16 comments to “Plan? What plan? There is no plan.”

  1. Ahhhh… a possible first Christmas in a new house. Very nice.

    My plan is to keep writing anything under the sun, which appeals to me, hoping to throw enough crap against the publishing barrier, something sticks. Thank you, Lord, for my day-job. 🙂

  2. Bernard, Yes, it should be very nice. 🙂 As for the day job, this IS my day job. *ggg* 😉

  3. Er. Pretty much with you in the “my career thus far is a series of fortunate coincidences”. Planning so far hasn’t worked out too well. And yet, I keep planning. *g*

  4. (Laughing softly to self…) I don’t think I’ve ever laid out a single plan that worked out as planned. Some turned out better, some not at all–but never as planned. This isn’t unusual for me, lol, but I still find myself doing it with no idea why…

    Congrats on the house news! 😉

  5. Congrats on the house! That’s great news. (I have a plan. I plan to finish the wip and start on another.) 🙂

  6. Charli, At least you keep at it. I have a real hard time doing that.

  7. Raine, Thanks! Yes, the best laid plans. *ggg* 😉

  8. Ann, Thank you! 🙂 That’s pretty much the extent of my planning too. LOL!

  9. Congrats on the house stuff! Have fun with paint chips and carpet samples and all that. 🙂 But I’m going to conveniently pretend I didn’t notice the part on planning writing careers. La-la-la-la…

  10. Well, seriously, when you entered the contest, there was a chance of winning and the winning would give you an opportunity so I would call that part of the plan. (the plan being to obtain the broadest possible opportunity for exposure) Same with querying. To me, planning in this business is lining up logical, potentially beneficial chances in the hope of a successful outcome in one or two so that you have a stepping stone to the next level. When you start, the plan is broad with infinite possibilities and little direction. As you capitalize on luck and possibilities, you are given an opportunity to start to focus. Where we are now. As more opportunities open up , we’ll probably narrow our focus more, probably re-angle the direction etc. Writing is such a fluid career, creating a plan can feel like trying to corral vapor. *G* At least, that’s the way I see it.

  11. Oh, and super news on the house!! Congrats.

  12. Michele, The only thing we have to worry about is painting (and they’re doing a basic off white). Everything else in the house was picked out a couple of months ago. 🙂

  13. Sarah, Yes, there was a chance (a slim chance) of winning. Contests are SO subjective. ***To me, planning in this business is lining up logical, potentially beneficial chances in the hope of a successful outcome in one or two so that you have a stepping stone to the next level.*** That is a very good point and a definition I can live with. 😉 I’ve coralled a LOT of vapor. LOL!

  14. Thanks Sarah! 🙂

  15. Congrats on the house Jordan! I’m still sticking to my plan even if I have to revise it. I have one more year before I have to revise my plan 🙂

  16. Amie, Thank you! Good luck with your plan.